One thought on “Zombies in the Church

  1. Zombie Land you say? This has been taught to us by the late Professor Tom Landers all his life. He and his friends did convince many Canadian Zombie’s to change their mind and help him defeat bad Parliament Legislation and Supreme Court Of Canada Law between 2005 and 2008.
    If Jesus is not the chief corner rock or stone what you have left is a house of cards. Politically Correct Relativism as a way of life, by court enforcement and government decree has put most everyone’s minds in a fog. In a Western Democracy the citizens are supposed to keep their leaders responsible and accountable. If this nonsense called Politically Correct Relativism has made Zombie’s out of our people we ought to be able to reason many out of this false worldview, using common sense, verifiable evidence and scientific facts as the late Professor’s Tom Landers, Walter Szetela and friends have taught us. Please pray for another one of our teachers and Culture Warriors Len Remple as he is in two wars at once. The other one is with cancer. With teachers like these we have all the facts to reach the reasonable among us. Blessings to all men and women of good will.

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