2 thoughts on “Zero Transparency in Vatican Press Office

  1. Michael Voris’ last statement: “Rosica has to go”. Couldn’t agree more. If there is one positive thing I see in all of this Synod being hijacked by faithless clergy, it is the fact that they are out in the open – for once we know who our enemy is (of course this all stems from Satan) but at least we know who his minions are. God forgive me if I am too judgmental. I pray for the conversion of these priests/bishops/cardinals who have lost their way.

  2. Too judgemental is how Satan and his so-called “neutral”secular possessions want you to feel.When a society elects governments who corrupt schoolchildren,where once their teachers led them in The Lord’s Prayer, deserves a Christless Church and Civilization.Traditional Family Values Politicians are rejected for homosexual,lesbian and so-called “neutral”secular ones.This is who our majority elects to rule Western Civilization.Political apathy and indifference leads to evil religious-worldview corruption and tyranny.School teachers no longer lead students in The Lord’s Prayer,but teach promiscuous sex,as normal behavior with the help of Planned Parenthood and homosexual activists,as so-called human rights. The United Nations is also spreading this evil throughout our Globe.Our Triune God has to give the majority of the former Christian Western Civilization in Government,Law and Education what they ask for.Blessings.

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