Zero tolerance for IRA terrorism

According to news reports, some rogue members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) are still devising terrorist acts:

BELFAST – Security forces in Northern Ireland have defused a 300 lb (136 kg) bomb in an abandoned van outside a police station, which would have been deadly if it had been detonated, police said on Friday.
The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) said dissident Republicans opposed to Northern Ireland’s peace process had called in a coded warning to a Belfast newspaper but declined to say which dissident group had claimed responsibility. (Source)

The IRA may claim to be Catholic, but clearly they are not. No terrorist acts can be tolerated within Catholicism. While I sympathize with the abuses that the people of Ireland endured during their history and the desire of some to have Northern Ireland be united with the Republic of Ireland, terrorism is never an option.

I hope that every Catholic clergyman in Northern Ireland speaks out vehemently against this attempted bombing. The peace accord of 1998 has brought an era of relative peace in Northern Ireland. We can’t let these fanatics ruin it.

11 thoughts on “Zero tolerance for IRA terrorism

  1. Why is Northern Ireland still occupied by the English? Perhaps that’s the problem. There was another country in Asia occupied by the English called the land of the five rivers, but it’s people no longer have a homeland. Terrorism is not the answer reason is. When people are occupied and family killed sometimes it’s hard to to forget. Real brothers and sisters can reason if they submit to the Holy Spirit.

  2. It’s nice to see the truth about what happened on Bloody Sunday has finally come out. Prime Minister Cameron accepted the Saville Inquiry results that British soldiers were responsible for “unjustified and unjustifiable” deeds he also said the report exonerated the victims of any wrongdoing. A total of 14 unarmed people were shot dead by British paratroopers that Sunday, I wonder if murder charges will now follow. One thing is for sure, this won’t go unnoticed by the Protestant community.

    Makes me wonder, is this a true attempt to heal the wounds caused by British occupation or is the British government trying to stir up ‘The Troubles’ again?

  3. Punj(five) ab(rivers), King of Punjab, Raja Ranjit Singh. Capital City Lahore. General Hari Nalwa. People Sikh. Code, never harm civilians only engage armies. Taken by the English and never given back. Terrorism is not in the Sikh code.

  4. IRA are socialist first and only then – Irish nationalist. It may sound like they are nationalist and pro-Catholic but that’s just because the English / Irish and Protestant / Catholic divide usually coincides with the rich / poor, worker / middle class divide. Just like it was the case with the FLQ, the IRA’s ideal is a “workers’ state”, a member of the “non-alignment” movement, that self-identifies itself with the “oppressed” nations of the third world; not the national / Irish / Catholic state, proud of its European roots and of its Christian / Catholic heritage (which most of them despise).

    So, even if they say that they are “pro-Irish” or “pro-Catholic” – in reality – they are pro-communism and that’s what all their violence is for. The IRA is nothing but a radical leftie gang, which used to be plenty in the 1970s and which, unfortunately, lasted until our days.

  5. What concerns me the most about Steve G’s initial post is he, like many, seem to think ‘The Troubles’ and/or the IRA is a religious thing. It’s not.

  6. Thanks to all for commenting.

    I’m sure you all know more about the history of this conflict than me. But I won’t exclude the possibility that religion played some part, even if only a minor one. I’m just trying to be balanced. We often wish that Islamic imams would preach more forcefully against violence and terrorism among their congregations. In this spirit, I want to make sure that we do the same to any terrorists who would even remotely associate themselves with Catholicism. There can be no ambiguity from our side.

  7. Steve my mentor professor Tom Landers is an Irish Catholic. If you remember hearing about the millions killed in the potato failure, the great starvation and opportunistic genocide the big picture becomes clear. Charles Darwin writes about what he thinks of the Irish people and other races in his book, The Decent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex. The science textbooks of the Western World depicted six human races and six simian species, allegedly showing the proximity of the so-called lowest humans to simians. Tom Landers said that this is scientific racism, but one has to put in the textbook answer to pass. In Canada Darwin’s so-called lower races because of Genesis1:27 got the right to vote in 1947 and 1960.

  8. Fact is, Sinn Fein/IRA are totlally left. All for ‘gay rights,’ so hardly Catholic. Religion has always been a coincidental thing to the national conflict. Most Gaelic Irish are RC, most Ulster Brits are Prods.
    Ireland has always been a geographical expression, and today is an island on which exist two distinct peoples.
    If you want to debate, come to
    a brand new blog based in Jakarta!

  9. As an expat, I can’t speak for Indonesians, but they are pretty nice folks as a rule. Unfortunately, there is a rising tide of Islamist fanatic groups, who are seeking sharia rule for the whole country.
    As above, check out the blog and ask the contributors!

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