5 thoughts on “Yuckiting it up

  1. Jesus had a sense of humour so i see nothing wrong with the cardinal having a chuckle. I was agaisnt this idea in the fiorst place, but after the fact, i can see that he probably had this planned to pit the lilliputian Obama against a giant far superior to him, and indeed Romney made Obama look bad.. Really bad… Amateur hour. Just took more bloom off the rose.
    all in all, Romney benefitted from this, and the needle will move a bit more in his direction among catholic voters. Line of the Night ” Romney: “In the spirit of Sesame Street, this segement was brought to you by the Letter ‘O’ and the number 16 trillion”. bam!

  2. ++Dolan’s actions seem incoherent. Everytime somebody tries to explain the “master plan” behind his thinking, a new data point can be found that contradicts it. I mean, he cancels plans to attend a dinner in 2009 because a certain pro-life leader would be there too? Seriously? That invalidates all the arguments he gave to rationalize his inviting of Obama.

    Here’s a hint: anytime a clergyman treats politicians better than faithful pro-life workers, run for your life?

    This isn’t about Romney looking better than Obama. It’s about the Church looking indifferent to evil.

  3. I used to think Timothy Dolan was quite a good bishop to lead the church. Now, I see that face laughing and can’t help thinking that he is more Irish than Catholic. And that’s not a good thing.

  4. The more I think about this, the angrier I become. I wonder if ++Dolan’s successor will be laughing when, as a result of Obama’s laws, he’ll be in prison.

    I guess he won’t be able to make the Al Smith Dinner, then, will he?

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