YouTube Pulls Homosexual Propaganda Video

The videos referred to in my previous post have been pulled allegedly because of a “copyright by Women’s Education Media.”

One must suppose that the videos were garnering much attention. I know that the number of viewings of the video had skyrocketed in a few short hours. The Homosexual Lobby, of course, wanting to ensure that such things remain hidden from public view as much as possible and knowing that such a video would be poison to their PR campaign, ensured that the damage was contained. (Read LifeSite Coverage here. )

The question is why? The answer is found here:

This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. (John 3:19)

If homosexual relations are so great that our children should be exposed to it, why not let the world know about it? The reason is that the world is not yet ready for the corruption of our children, and introducing it too quickly might be injurious to the Agenda. But in time, that will change…

I have seen a lot of things in my day, but those videos rank as the most disturbing and insidious attacks on children and the family that I have ever seen.

My advice to parents everywhere: don’t wait until the government mandates sexual re-orientation curriculum in the public system on your children. First of all, you will likely not know. And secondly, once it is taught, deprogramming is very difficult to implement.

I have in mind, in particular, the publicly funded Separate School system in Ontario. The sexualization and secularization society, barring some kind of miraculous intervention, will result in the gutting of publicly funded Catholic education in Ontario, just as it has in Newfoundland and Quebec. Already, the Lobby has their teachers and principals in key places in the Catholic system. I have heard of many accounts right here in the Ottawa area. Don’t be fooled or goaded into a sense of false security. It is an illusion which will soon become very apparent. To the parents: make provision NOW to safeguard your children’s moral and spiritual situation. This is your primary responsibility.

The whole same-sex “marriage” issue was a red herring right from the start. It was not about marriage. It was about what marriage could get them. It got them legitimacy. After all, once the State recognized their “marriages”, the Lobby used it as a crowbar to pry into any and all aspects of cultural and social institutions, the most important being the increase of their numbers through recruitment and the suppression of dissent against their agenda. Tangibly speaking, recruitment is a difficult thing unless it is undertaken at an early age with children. Still innocent and impressionable, children are the target. The idea here is to have the children question their “sexual identity” and subtly push the notion that homosexuality is as good or even better than heterosexuality. After that, any group – especially the Churches – which directly oppose the Agenda will be first stripped of their charitable status and then their leaders fined and imprisoned.

Believe me, the only thing that can stop this now is an extraordinary sacrifice from Christians in Canada. There’s no free lunch, folks. Without the corresponding depth of sacrifice to counter the sexual indulgence of our age, our fate is all but sealed unless some serious “Nineveh repentance” happens.

I raise my voice and humbly say once again: dump contraception and pull this thing out by its root. If God’s people would obey His natural order, all things can still be restored.

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