You’re so single issue…

Two weeks ago, Victoria Liberal MP Keith Martin introduced a private member’s bill that would repeal the censorious Canadian Human Rights Act section that makes it an offence to publish, post or broadcast any message that might make an identifiable group the subject of hatred and discrimination. For his troubles, his own leader, Stephane Dion, has asked Dr. Martin to withdraw his bill. Meanwhile, Tory Justice Minister Rob Nicholson last week sent a letter to all Conservative MPs telling them to clam up whenever the subject of rights commissions comes up. All parties are frightened of appearing to be against human rights, so none will take a leadership position.Perhaps what we need in the House of Commons is a few members with experience as Danish newspaper publishers. Then perhaps our government could summon the courage to do away with the assault on free speech being waged in the name of “human rights.” (Source)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that the libertarians in Canada are now starting to speak out in favour of the Free Speech gospel. Really, I think it’s great.  The more people standing with social conservatives the better, but I must point out an irony here. If you read the papers and the blogs and other news media, you will notice that the libertarians are blogging so furiously about this that you would think the local HRC thug was knocking at their door.  And they very well could be unless we put the smack down on the secret police.  But here’s a thought for all of the libertarians out there: next time you accuse a social conservative of being “single issue”, think hard about how you feel when your own pet issue is being attacked. What’s wrong? Why don’t you just move past this one single issue and talk about health care or taxes?  That line kind of sucks, doesn’t it?

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