Your Money & The Little Black Book

The sponsor of our little project known as “The Little Black Book” is an organization (probably a registered charity) known as St. Stephen’s Community House. Now judging by their website, they look like they are doing a lot of good, but of course, we all know how filth becomes funded. Not through the front door, but through the back door. It needs cover, lest the light shine on it and scatter it.

Its motto is “Creating opportunities. Strengthening communities.” It seems that St. Stephen’s has accepted a rather unique view of “creating opportunities”. Opportunities for whom exactly? The sexually perverse by creating a market for them by corrupting our children? Looks like it. And which “communities” are these people seeking to strengthen? Let me guess. The ones with a which show rainbow flag outside of their establishments? Yeah.

The sad thing is that this “community house” is being largely funded by your tax dollars, folks.
Check out page 20.

The income statement shows they received $9.7M in funding in 2006. 81% of the funding comes from the Federal, Provincial, and Muncipal treasure chest. 5% comes from (surprise!) The United Way. For a “community” organization, looks like most of their funding comes from groups other than “the community”.

How much The Little Black Book cost to produce is anyone’s guess. Maybe you should contact them and find out.

Stay tuned for more posts this lunch hour…

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