Young Canadians want to restrict abortion to 12 weeks

A majority of young Canadians say abortions should not be legal after 12 weeks gestation, according to the findings of a recent Environics poll commissioned by LifeCanada, the national educational pro-life organization.

The poll was part of Environics’ National Omnibus Survey which polled 2,021 Canadians between January 24 and February 5.

The survey found that almost 80 percent of 18-29 year-olds polled opposed legal third trimester abortions and 55 percent opposed second trimester abortions.

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The thing about the internet is that the truth comes out.  You can see what a live abortion looks like on Youtube.  It’s not pretty. 

I guess those who are opposing even debating gendercide abortions want their memory and their legacy remembered with the likes of the tyrants of the past age.

Like James T. Kirk told one of his opponents in Star Trek about past atrocities:  “You lost.  History has made its judgement.”

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