Young boys being trained as the pro-life heroes of tomorrow

A group called The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) is a Catholic lay organization in the US. Among their many activities, they organize Chivalry Camps where they teach boys how to become real men. Pro-life activism is part of this mission. They’re forming the pro-life heroes of tomorrow.

Check it out. TFP embodies everything that is good and noble about America.

Abortion is so dead.

One thought on “Young boys being trained as the pro-life heroes of tomorrow

  1. We live in a Religiously Secular Western Civilization in Government, Law and Education, which indoctrinates children in Kinsey Sex Education perversion from Kindergarten, through University.

    One of the unhappiest pictures I ever saw was a young Canadian University student carted of, by Canadian police, in a paddy wagon handcuffed behind her back, for being pro-life. Dr.Chris Kempling also lost his employment as a schoolteacher, because he was pro-family,and against normalizing evil to children. This is Religiously Secular Canada, United States and Europe today,because of the political apathy and indifference of the so-called Christian majority. They are happy playing Christian behind closed doors,but live and work as Seculars. Not long ago all Western Schoolchildren started their mornings with The Lord’s Prayer led by their teachers, and The Ten Commandments were on Government, Courtroom and Schoolroom walls ,and in the majorities hearts. Now we are in the midst of another dispersion,in a former Christian Democracy. Christ bless those who teach their children to love,instead of murdering children who ought to be safe in the warmth of their mothers wombs.

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