You’ll take your medicine and like it!

TORONTO, February 21, 2008 ( – The Toronto District Catholic School Board has declined to participate in a school survey to probe students’ opinions on homosexuality. Sponsored by Canada’s leading homosexual political lobby group, EGALE Canada, the online survey, titled the “First National Climate Survey on Homophobia in Canadian Schools”, is intended to detect “homophobia” in schools. After the passage of Canada’s same-sex “marriage” legislation, EGALE vowed to begin its campaign to bring homosexual information into Canada’s schools. The group says that “schools must not only have proactive and comprehensive discrimination and harassment policies, they must also ensure the presence of an inclusive curriculum.”….(

Dear Catholic Liberal, 

Feeling like a dumb ass right now, aren’t you? Voting for that politician who supported same-sex “marriage”?

I am all out of tears for you. You get what you deserve.

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