You’ll Sing “Merry Christmas” and like it, Gappers.

Your actions make a difference! Gap says “pro-Christmas” ad to air this weekend

November 24, 2009

According to Bill Chandler, vice-president of Gap corporate communications, Gap’s Old Navy division will launch a new television commercial this weekend which “has a very strong Christmas theme.”

Chandler responded to AFA last Friday, after a poll showed 90% of AFA supporters wanted to continue the boycott as a result of Gap’s initial “holiday” ad that mingled Christmas with the pagan “Winter Solstice” holiday.

Gap says the new ad will include the popular Supermodelquins proudly cheering “Merry Christmas”, and features Christmas trees, lights and ornaments as well.

In good faith, AFA is suspending the Gap boycott until it has an opportunity to view the new commercial this weekend.

As a result of your dedicated actions, we believe Gap is beginning to realize that Christmas is not just another “holiday” and will begin to advertise in a way that is respectful to Christians and Christmas shoppers.

Here is the last call to stand with us and proclaim to our communities that Christmas is not just a winter holiday focused on materialism, but a “holy day” when we celebrate the birth of our Savior. We can do it in a gentle and effective way by wearing the “God’s Gift – Merry Christmas” button. Don’t wait!  Place your order by December 1 to receive it before Christmas.

Thank you for your vigilance. My prayer is that you and your family will have a meaningful Thanksgiving Day celebration.

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Say “Merry Christmas” to you friends, your church, your school or your whole community by giving away these beautiful Christmas buttons or displaying a Christmas sticker on your vehicle. They are a great reminder that Jesus was God’s gift to the world and that He is the one we celebrate at Christmas.

Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association

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