You talk too much, Sisters

The question is, ‘Can you be Catholic and have a questioning mind?’ That’s what we’re asking. … I think one of our deepest hopes is that in the way we manage the balancing beam in the position we’re in, if we can make any headways in helping to create a safe and respectful environment where church leaders along with rank-and-file members can raise questions openly and search for truth freely, with very complex and swiftly changing issues in our day, that would be our hope. But the climate is not there. And this mandate coming from the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith putting us in a position of being under the control of certain bishops, that is not a dialogue. If anything, it appears to be shutting down dialogue.”…(Source)

Yes!  You win the booby prize, Sister:  no more dialogue.

We’ve had so much dialogue in the Church that the beleaguered Faithful are starting to view the hierarchy and the pseudo religious it deals with as a ripoff of an Oprah episode.

These nuns need to submit to what the Church teaches, or take their heretical “questioning mind” and hit the liberal talk show circuit.

Catholicism is, in part, about accepting unchanging truths which are passed down to us.  You don’t need to search. It’s right in front of your faces, Sisters.

The problem here is not “searching”.  That’s radical-feminist-nun-blather-for-the-masses spin.  The problem here for them is….well….Catholicism. That and the fact that they don’t accept obedience to the Church’s authentic teaching magisterium.

Frankly, the episcopacy and the Vatican only has itself to blame for this sham.  This has been going on for 40 years and they want to put the reins on now when the average age of these ragging grannies is 75?  Are you serious?  Boy, that takes courage, huh?  I’d think at this point the Vatican would just let the biological solution deal with the problem, but hey if ya gotta pick a fight at this point in the match, then don’t forget the Malox!

4 thoughts on “You talk too much, Sisters

  1. Nice to see how you treat the elder women in your organization. Why not just stick them on an iceberg and send them off to see Jesus?

  2. I see, so you think that because you are older, it gives you the right to lie about what you represent and distort the teachings of the Faith you claim to hold?

    No one gets a pass in holding to heretical, anti-life beliefs…no matter how old they are…and besides this just didn’t suddenly happen. It’s been developing for the past 40 years when they were in their “youth”.

    Gloria Steinem or Judy Rebick don’t get a pass from me because of their age, and neither do these Sisters who should know better more than their sisters in arms who are not Catholic. By the way, I don’t see the Secular Left giving Benedict a break when they actually savage and lie about him.

    Then again, I haven’t disrespected the Sisters, except to state the obvious and call them out that they can’t have their cake and eat it too. The Church treats religious sisters far more respectfully and far more benevolently than the sexual revolution has treated women:

  3. If there is one thing I have learned over the years it’s that age on its own is no mitigating factor for anything. An idiot at 35 is likely still an idiot at 85, if no lessons have been learned from the experience/wisdom that supposedly comes with age.

  4. We respect the unselfish hard work and discipline the Sisters have done over the years to help society in the name of Roman Catholicism. That can never be forgotten.
    I think though, that if Sisters are not going to stay in the tradition, they should start a new order under a new faith.

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