“You must be thinking of something else…”

Master Warrior Steacy appears to be a very confused or desperate individual or both.

In trying to justify why he was posting on Stormfront.org after Mark Lemire’s complaint had been dismissed, Steacy tries to tell the Tribunal that Lemire had later issued separate individual complaints against the RCMP, Peel Regional Police, Bell Globe Media, CBC, and CTV.

Lemire’s lawyer, Barbara Kulaszka, challenges Steacy twice about the existence of these other complaints.  Steacy gives some bogus reference to them being in “the files” and that he would have to “call back to the office to find out the date” of these extra complaints.  Kulaszka get so frustrated near the end that she agrees that Steacy should phone back to the office to get the info. Of course, the info. would not be forthcoming.  You know how it is in these tribunals…lots of answers to give, not a enough time to give them. Maybe some other time, OK?

Does anyone really believe that these additional complaints really exist, especially if Lemire is denying the existence of them and his lawyer is challenging Steacy to produce the evidence? Where would your money be?


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