Your Mom Hates This

Video game companies have been in the business of producing violent, sex-crazed and gruesome games for many years now, but I don’t recall ever seeing them purposely flaunt and even challenge parental authority in the way this Electronic Arts is currently doing.

Watch the video below, which shows the reactions of real moms (not actresses) when shown the video game being marketed to their kids. ¬†They use the mom’s disgust and disapproval as a selling point for the teens. The company even setup a website called On YouTube, you can find many videos zeroing-in on the reactions of individual women during the focus group sessions. It’s very condescending that they would mock and disseminate the frightened reactions of these women.

Ever since the Fall, kids have been rebelling against their parents. But that doesn’t make it a good thing. Nor does it make sense that a corporation should purposely market a product on the basis that it allows you to do something that your parents would disapprove.

Get a life. Please, let parents raise their kids.

2 thoughts on “Your Mom Hates This

  1. Actually, Steve, you should be saying “Parents, smarten up and raise your kids!!!” If parent’s put their foot down, say no, and start manning up to their positions, companies like this would be out of business or reduced in number with a dwinding consumer base (young boys).

  2. You’re absolutely right. If parents exercise their RIGHT and DUTY to raise their kids, there wouldn’t be a problem.

    But I still think these companies should smarten up and stop undermining parental authority.

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