You Little Punk

You little punk.

You come on FD, spewing your leftist garbage and accusing us of hate,
pretending you love freedom, democracy, and debate.

It was our Christian blood which gave you the right,
to come on FD and preach to us about your false human rights.

You slither on to FD and say it is full of racists and bi-gots,
but strangely you can’t stay away from lurking and even posting on our forum of “right wing nuts”.

Maybe there is something here you crave that you don’t get with your left wing hordes,
something honorable, exciting, and noble on this Free Dominion board.

“Tolerance, equality, and freedom!” you yelp for sea to sea,
but when push comes to shove, we are finding out these shouts only apply to thee.

How you have the audacity to presume on the right to post,
yet you can’t see your own foolish blindness if FD were ever reduced to toast.

But know this and know it well you little leftist punk,
if FD goes down, we certainly won’t be the only one.

For the same law which seeks to muzzle our freedom of speech and our rightful opinion,
won’t stop at us but will continue on well past Free Dominion.

So go ahead, please do, and post if you must,
we’ll stomach your rants, your hype, and your lefty thrusts.

We don’t expect you to agree with us or like us one little bit,
but for freedom’s sake, understand what this will mean to all of us – including you, you little leftist twit!

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