You have the problem, Dear Bishops, Not Us

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His Eminence Beatitude Baselios Cleemis Thottunkal, President of the Indian Bishops Conference and head of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church, was a guest at the press briefing. He told the media that mercy means conversion which is reciprocal.  “The Gospel demands this as a condition. The Kingdom of God is at hand, be converted,” he said.

The thing about the current papacy of Pope Francis is that it’s not that he does not state the truth.  He does.  Sometimes, he does so admirably and even more emphatically than his predecessors did.  However, there are too many occasions where he does not give the complete truth and leaves out critical components.  This has been the ongoing problem with his pontificate, and is the genesis for the cries of clarity that are coming from all quarters of the Church today. In speaking about mercy, his disciples have used this major weakness to  speak about a demonic faux mercy 24-7 to promote a perverse sexual ideology—let us not delude or kid ourselves here but acknowledge it plainly.  But the mercy being offered is not of God.  The Devil also has mercy. In fact, everything that God does, the Devil has a bastardized version of it that he tries to peddle at a bargain basement price.  In the Devil’s version of mercy, it’s mercy without repentance.  And that mercy is not a mercy that saves, but a mercy that kills.  We all need to be wary of false prophets peddling cheap and empty mercy.

All mercy without repentance – or at least a severe imbalance between the two – means that you are not really preserving the Gospel message in its fullness and therefore risk distortion of it.  I’ve always said that the Catholic faith is always about balance in its theological and moral teaching.  Leaning to one side too much risks a rupture with the truth.  So far, the Holy Father has faltered badly in this respect, and he has permitted the enemies of the Church’s perennial teaching and witness of repentance and conversion to forward their heretical and demonic attack on the Catholic Faith.

The bishops at the Synod need to point this out to him in a charitable way.  The Pope is not a god.  And he is in need of correction from the bishops.  Let us pray that the correction comes during the Synod, and that a bold resilience develops among holy bishops to preserve the Faith…even if Peter stumbles.

A number of Fathers also spoke earnestly about marriage preparation. Many considered pre-marriage formation to be seriously lacking. One Father suggested that the bishops themselves needed to penitentially admit that they had failed to provide formation for the lay faithful in this regard. There was a suggestion in another intervention that couples, like those in formation for the priesthood or religious life, also need a “novitiate” time before entering into the sacrament of marriage. It was thought that the crisis in religious and priestly vocations is directly linked to the crisis in family life.

Well, to be honest, the family is in crisis precisely because the western, liberal bishops have failed miserably to uphold the Faith.  All of this navel gazing in Rome today is just a big waste of time and a pony-show.  Dear bishops:  listen carefully to me as a husband and father of four young daughters:  you can’t help us with sociological clap trap about “meeting us where we are”.  Please, just stop. The crisis that has developed has been precipitated by YOU.  As Samuel told King David.  “You are the man.”  Look no further and focus on nothing else.  You don’t know our struggles, nor can you really live them.  Your job is to uphold, proclaim, and propagate the glorious truths of the Catholic Faith about marriage and the sanctity of human life and authentic human sexuality.  That’s it.  Sign Familiaris Consortio and go home. That’s the best gift you can give us.  Stop suggesting, as you have for 50 years, that a Catholic sacramental marriage is just too hard for some people.  BS. It’s not.  Stop trying to introduce bastardized, second-class marriages into the Church to cover up for the problems that you, yourselves, have largely been responsible for. Man-up and take some responsibility for a change.  You can start with, for example, your not-so-subtle undermining of Humanae vitae.  If you want to really help us, starting preaching the Gospel that our forefathers handed down to you, and the problems that you created will disappear.  That’s the truth of it. It’s not really that complicated.

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