You Can Run But Ya Can’t Hide….

As previously mentioned in the previous post, St. Stephen’s Community House has taken down its webpage, promoting The Little Black Book. We do not know why this is as all government funded agencies should operate on a transparent basis. If you take taxpayers’ money, you are subject to taxpayer scrutiny. That’s how it works, friends.

So, anyhow, if you try and access the original URL:

for the book’s previous page, this is what you now see.

Now, of course we know that they once carried it because we see them offering the ORIGINAL EGGREGARIOUS VERSION in their gift section just in time for the 2004 Christmas Season. You can find it by just scrolling down to item number 3 under “Holiday Gift Ideas that Show You Care”. Indeed. I can just see lots of parents stuffing their kids stockings on Christmas Eve with this gift: “Here, honey, have the gift that will destroy your innocence and dignity. Be a slave to sex for the rest of your life. You’ll thank me for it one day. I love you sweetheart. Merry Moloch to you, dear.”

I also discovered that as late as April 28 (or 24), 2005, St. Stephen’s was publishing their original version. Did you happen to notice the little sticky to the right where it says that funded by Industry Canada? Lovely, eh? The current Minister of Industry is The Honourable Maxime Bernier and his email is Do your kids a favour and wip off a quick email and be sure to copy and paste the above URL which shows just what Industry Canada is supporting. Let’s see what happens.

By the way, I know that the original version was still kicking around as late as April 28 (or 24), 2005 because shows this date on their results page and they also build the date into the resulting URL:…

By clicking on the various menu items, you can see for yourself that this version was still being pushed around the country.

This is one of my favourite selections that I pulled from the webarchive….

If you need a figure to represent God The Holiness then for me she’s a fat, black dyke.

According to its publisher, FireFly Books

St. Stephen’s Community House is a community-based social service agency in Toronto that assists more than 23,000 people each year. Its self published edition on which this book is based has been used by educators and social workers across North America.

Did you catch that? So even before St. Stephen’s cleaned up (at least somewhat) the “work”, its self published edition (likely the original version) was already being used by educators and social workers across North America.

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