Yorking Pro-Lifers

First it’s Werner, now it’s that Queen Twit from York University who banned the abortion debate. The stupidity meter is really working overtime these days.  It’s really quite amazing.  OK, Kelly, let’s fire up the meter….

 “They erected huge signs in full colour of fabricated fetuses alongside people dying in the Holocaust and also pictures of people being lynched,” she said. “So we set up a table outside of that display as the student union to encourage students to tell us what their reactions were so we could understand the effect it was having on students. We collected hundreds of statements from students who said they were upset, they were appalled, they were traumatized and they were worried about the fact that the student union hadn’t taken responsibility to actually interfere in the matter.”

Imagine!  The poor dears being upset, appalled, and traumatized.  I mean, if that’s not an excuse to put the muzzle on free speech, would could be? Hurt feelings today on university campuses are the number one crime.  That kind of explains why these so-called institutions of higher learning are really group-think camps where happy faces abound and politically correct speech is the only one spoken.

Why were the students traumatized, Kelly? Isn’t it just a simple medical procedure?  Like removing your tonsils?  I’m sure the Nazi lapdogs were traumatized at seeing pictures of starving Jews too. 

She was not about to let that happen again.

…and quickly grabbed her cape and slipped on her jackboots to fly into action….

When the student centre executive learned about the event – billed as a debate on abortion rights between Jose Ruba from CCBR and Michael Payton from a student group called Freethinkers, Skeptics and Atheists at York – they held an emergency meeting and voted unanimously to cancel it. She said the executive supports Charter-protected freedom of expression, but felt it had a responsibility to protect students from speech it viewed as discrimination or harassment on its student-funded space.

1.   Who appointed you the speech police?

2.   By what standard do you decide on what is permitted to be spoken and what is not?  (Ooops, sorry, I almost forgot. The Supremees.)

3.   Why do you presume to act on behalf of students who are pro-life, to collect their money, and then to deny them the space their tuition monies pay for? 

4.  The best way of showing that one side is about discrimination and harassment is to allow them to speak. But we all know that is not what you fear. You fear the exact opposite: giving a venue to pro-lifers who will show not only that they are not guilty of what you accuse them of, but that the pro-aborts are!

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