York U brass hang pro aborts out to dry

“We would not have a debate over something that is racist or homophobic,” said Gilary Massa, vice-president equity of the York Federation of Students. “This debate is sexist … when it comes to free speech there is a line. … They are talking about taking away women’s rights. We would not allow a debate asking if women beating should be allowed.”

Robert J. Tiffin, vice-president of students, emphasized in his letter to the National Post that the cancellation of the debate was done without the knowledge or consent of York University, but was rather done by students who ran the Student Centre.

“A debate on the subject of abortion was cancelled at York University by the student executive of the Student Centre, without the knowledge or participation of the university,” he wrote. “York encourages civic participation and open debate on issues of local, national and international importance. The fact that both sides of the debate wanted to proceed and were prevented from doing so makes the incident all the more regrettable.”

The National Post has reported that the York University administration is currently working on a compromise that will allow for students to use some on-campus venue where such a debate can happen in the future. (LifeSiteNews.com)

Well, it’s a good thing that a so-called institution of higher learning would move to protect free speech, doncha think? It kind of means signing the death warrant when the politically correct ayatolahs of speech impose themselves on a university. 

As for the woman beating claim by Gilary, I happen to think a good spanking is certainly in order for the fools who tried to shut down a debate.

Once again, we don’t see the perpetrators of fascism being evenly distributed over the political spectrum. We always see them coming from the Left. Kind of tells you something about the dangers of being a Leftard.  There is always a propensity towards Jackboot totalitarianism and/or being mentally disordered.

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