The answer is no

The pope then proposes a concrete application: the formation of a dialogue group that would seek common ground. This terrain must be found on a number of levels:a) The first is that of identifying values capable of guaranteeing “mutual respect, solidarity and peace”. “Respect” here also means that there are differences that must be guaranteed and welcomed. For example, a Muslim can say to a Christian: I do not agree with what you believe, that Jesus has a human and divine nature. You Christians are polytheists, because you place other gods, your Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, beside the one God. I say: let us seek to live in mutual respect. You have the full right to say that the Islamic conception excludes the Trinity, the divine-humanity. But leave me the right to say, for example, that Mohammed was not sent by God. I can acknowledge that he was a great personality on the human and political level, a social and spiritual reformer, that he also brought negative contributions, but not that he was a prophet. Do I have the right to say that, or not? As you have the right to say that you do not believe in the divinity of Christ – and in this you are consistent in your faith – we, too, have the right to say what we think about Mohammed. In short, there is no such thing as a “taboo” topic, but there are only taboo means and methods, because these are violent and disrespectful….(Source)

What a timely question!  While I think it’s a good and noble thing in trying to dialogue with these Muslim scholars, it’s kind of like negotiating with the Palestinians.  The jihad is not represented and really feels no kind obligation to…like…go with the consensus.  In other words, the scholars don’t speak for Mr. Jihad who rejects the whole idea of dialogue in the first place. 

But, hey, I’m all for trying.  Maybe after the Holy Father is finished with the Muslim Scholars, he can turn his sights on the CHRC and pose the questions found above to the Commisars of our Star Tribunal.

It’s kind of freaky and sad at the same time, don’t you think?  That you can ask the same damn question to both the Jihadist and the Kangaroo Kourt and both will give you the same answer.


Canada, the deepest gutter could not accomodate you now.

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