One thought on “Ye Need Jesus, Tiger…Go Brit!

  1. The slogan,” It can’t be wrong if it doesn’t hurt anyone” first became popular as a rationalization for sex outside of marriage.

    That was over 30 years ago. Now after the separation of Christianity from the State and thus the separation of Christianity from law and education to Paganism by government decree we have millions of abortions in Canada, and so-called no fault divorces, fatherless and motherless children, sterilization-inducing diseases, broken hearts and troubled minds, perhaps it’s time to stop awarding the Order Of Canada to abortionists like Henry Morgentaler, and reconsider the meaning of “hurt”.

    The Supreme Court, is supposed to be a court, but it has become a Super-Legislature that overrides the decisions of the people. What a travesty. If the Judiciary’s, Living Tree Evolving Society interpretation of Canadian Law protects same sex adults over the age of 16 now thanks to Social Conservatives, it was 14, engage in consensual sex, how are we going to stop polygamy? The polygamist and all his/her spouses practice, consensual sex. How about incest or pedophilia thats consensual or intergenerational, consensual intimacy as the North American Man-Boy Love Association calls it ? The slogan of the North American Man-Boy love Association is,” sex before eight or else it’s to late,” and they don’t mean 8 o’clock in the evening. Then there is the question of beastiality, Kinsey sexology and Professor Peter Singer, the text-book writer and eminent bioethicist at Princeton University, who argues that animals can consent since consent needn’t be verbal.

    Are these the kind of people to whom we should entrust ourselves and our children? It ought to matter to Canadian society what people do and call love in the privacy of our countries bedrooms, and what we teach children in schools by government and court decree. Don’t you?

    In a democracy the people are responsible for the laws and policies of the country. Why are you voting for politicians who make perverted laws and force them on the public and their children. When are our people and Bishops going to become responsible? How much more Judicial and Political Tyranny will they take before they act?

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