Yawner: McGuinty lied to bishops on GSAs

The Catholic Register reports:

The Liberal government of Dalton McGuinty has pulled a dramatic about-face by breaking a pledge not to force Catholic schools to use the term gay-straight alliance for anti-bullying clubs.

Instead, Education Minister Laurel Broten has announced an amendment to Bill 13 to make it mandatory that Catholic students be allowed to name their clubs gay-straight alliances if that is their wish. (Source)

This is really a dog-bites-man story. McGuinty lied? Seriously? As if that hasn’t happened a zillion times before. I don’t reproach the Catholic Register for reporting it. Quite the contrary. But no serious Catholic or pro-lifer is really surprised by this, are we? We all knew that McGuinty wasn’t to be trusted, just like we all knew that Obama wasn’t to be trusted.

It seems that the bishops of Canada and the U.S. aren’t very politically savvy. Worse, they don’t listen to those people among the laity who have been granted the gift of discernment on these matters and who try to warn them in advance. They’d rather trust pro-gay, pro-abort politicians than their own spiritual children.

I’m not sure how big a deal this about-face really is. Did the bishops think it would be morally acceptable to have gay-straight alliances as long as they called them by another name? This is almost childish.

Socon or Bust has learned from friends in the Ottawa Catholic school board that GSAs are already alive and well in our Catholic schools. They simply can’t be called GSAs and staff are asked to be discreet about it. After all, we wouldn’t want the dirty little secret to get out, would we?

Both laity and clergy are part of the body of Christ and have a vital role to play. That was an important lesson from Vatican II. As long as bishops continue to trust corrupt politicians instead of employing the gifts and talents of their flock, the Church in North America will continue on the road to hell. United, we can stand. But divided we’re screwed.

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