Y108 in Niagara Shuts Down Pro-Life Voice

I received an e-mail from Alliance for Life’s Ontario director, Jakki Jeffs. Here is the substantial text of Jakki’s e-mail:

January 5th 2007
From: Jakki Jeffs
Hello everyone, I am writing for your help. Following this message you will see the script of four ads that were contracted with Y108 radio station by Niagara Region Right to Life. This campaign was “pulled” by the station manager, Suzanne Carpenter because the station received 7 complaints! I have attached our formal letter to Ms Carpenter for your information and now ask for your assistance. I will not repeat what I have said in my letter but encourage you to read it and then send your comments to the following. Suzanne Carpenter, Station Manager Y108
Suite 900,
875, Main Street West
L8S 4R1
905 521 9900
John Cassaday, President Corus Entertainment
Corus Entertainment Inc.,
181, Bay Street, Suite 1630
Toronto, Ontario
M5J 2T3
416 642 3770
416 642-3779 fax
Heather Shaw, Executive Chair Corus Entertainment
Corus Entertainment Inc.,
630-3rd Avenue SW, Suite 510
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 4L4
403 444 4244
403 444-4242fax

Here are the so-called “offensive” radio ads:

1) When they say that abortion is a matter between a woman and her doctor, aren’t they forgetting someone? I did….and I regret my abortion.

2) When they say that abortion is a matter between a woman and her doctor, aren’t they forgetting someone? I did….abortion harms more than just the baby.

3) When they say that abortion will solve your problem…the truth is that it cost us everything. Our baby, our peace of mind and each other.

4) When they say that abortion will solve your problems…the truth is that it can cause suicidal thoughts, depression, guilt and often infertility.

Trailer: This message comes to you from Niagara Region Right To Life.


Dear Ms. Carpenter,

I have been informed by Ms. Jakki Jeffs that you have pulled Alliance for Life’s radio ads. I find this very disturbing.

First of all, I consider it a crass assault on freedom of speech. You received a total of 7 complaints (6 of them by the brave and courageous form of e-mail) and, on that basis, you pulled the ads? My goodness, is this the measure of shutting down dissenting opinion in a country which is supposedly a model of democratic society? I hope you can see how absurd and ridiculous such an action is. If you don’t understand, I am sure the residents of Niagara and concerned citizens around the country will help you understand over the next week or so.

Secondly, your action is clearly a breach of contract. I will be encouraging Ms. Jeffs to take legal action against the station, and I will do my part to spread the news about your Station’s position outrageous action. You must understand that this is not merely about Alliance for Life and your station only. Indeed, your refusal to respect your contract is a grave affront and insult to our civil rights of freedom of speech and expression, especially considering the rather tame and factual nature of the ads. As a pro-life Canadian, I am furious and insulted at your Station’s wanton disregard for our rights.

Lastly, if your refusal to honour your contract has nothing to do with the abortion issue per se, but only because you received 7 complaints from your listeners, then I shall expect this policy to be applied universally and categorically across the board on any other ad of any nature which is aired on your station. Therefore, if you receive 7 complaints on any other ad (totally unrelated to the abortion controversy), I shall expect you to break your contract with your client as you have done with Alliance for Life Ontario. If you insist on continuing your breach of contract with Alliance for Life Ontario (or the Niagara Region Right to Life, as the case may be), please be prepared to receive many complaints on ads of your biggest clients. If you refuse to pull these particular ads which your listeners find offensive, we will take note to 1) show the public that you are a pro-abortion radio station and 2) that you are not abiding by a fair and impartial screening against other complaints leveled against ads aired on your station.

I respectfully suggest that you reconsider your actions.

Walmart listened to us when they realized the economic backlash of our efforts:


I suggest that you take their lead and reconsider. It’s your choice, of course, but this could get very ugly, very quickly. Do the honourable and fair thing and let the ads play.

Yours truly,

John Pacheco
Social Conservatives United

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