3 thoughts on “Wynne on Catholic Education — the Jackboot is marching

  1. And I answer Miss Wynne that the homosexual problem, the homosexual and homosexualist whining for special rights, and everything that motivates homosexuals and their homosexualist masters is simply the STERILITY of homosexuality and of homosexuals. In their urgent need to appear normal in everything, they imitate normal people in their intimacy, and instead of producing life, they only produce and spread diseases, despair, depression, and early death–very often, death by suicide.

  2. Soon people will not be allowed to believe what they want UNLESS it is in line with the Liberal government’s agenda and approved by Justin Trudeau and his ilk. HOWEVER, they will tell us that we live in a free country……ya, free as long as we do and say and believe as THEY see fit. God help us……
    For some reason, I’ve been reminded a lot about a book I read well over 30 years ago called The Chrysalids and the thought police they had to hide from in order to survive………I wonder why this should be coming to mind so much lately………..

  3. Wynn or is it Mrs. Cowperthwaite? Mother of three. Hope she can take the jackboot as well. Fact is the Liberal government of Ontario is their own worst enemy. They will jackboot themselves.

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