Wrong Issue, Bishops

…Our bishops have called on us to join them in combating Obama’s attacks on the faith and on the faithful ( not to mention everybody else). While “ religious freedom” is a principle that can quickly be distorted and dismissed as an abstraction, the doctrine of the Eucharist and the teaching of Humanae Vitae address concrete realities. Why do our bishops ignore them as we confront this diabolical offensive by the Culture of Death? (Source)

Precisely.  We are not in this situation because the bishops did not defend “religious liberty” over the last 40 years, are we?  Hell no.  We are in this situation because they failed to teach the central elements of our Faith, got entangled with the American experiment and the Enlightenment and substituted THAT for Catholic doctrine.

Start teaching what the Catholic Faith teaches about central doctrinal issues, and stop emphasizing secondary issues like religious freedom which are entirely dependent on (at least for the Catholic Church’s survival) how we do about the primary issues.

Jesus said that the truth will set us free, not the Supreme Court or the Constitution.   Our leadership is going the wrong way if it’s all just about politics.  They’ll lose because God did not ordain them to be politicians.

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