Wow! Respected Quebec journalist comes out swinging against abortion and in defense of Cardinal Ouellet

Normand Lester, a respected veteran journalist from Quebec, apparently wrote a virulent article against the pro-choice activists and journalists that vilified Cardinal Ouellet a few weeks ago for his pro-life statements.

When I read the article, it was a Twilight Zone moment for me.  I’m still not entirely convinced that this article is authentic because it’s impossible to find on any mainstream media outlet, with the exception of Yahoo Quebec.  It is dated May 24th and can be found here. It’s also posted on various blogs, but would you really trust a blog?  🙂

It wouldn’t surprise me that the mainstream media has purposely ignored this article because it doesn’t fit their agenda.  One of their own, a well decorated writer, has dissented.

This could also be a hoax, although I would hope that Yahoo did their homework before posting it.

If it’s authentic, the article is a landmark moment for the abortion debate.  I mean, since when do big-shot journalists like Lester swing an axe against abortion?  Listen to some key quotes, which I’ve translated myself:

The Cardinal, the primate of the Catholic Church in Canada, was brutalized last week by a group of angry women and nobody came to his help.


The main reproach directed towards him seemed to be the act of publicly defending his faith.  The angry hags wanted to shut him up once and for all:  move along, there’s nothing more to see here, the debate on abortion is settled.

No, it isn’t.  In a democracy, nothing is ever eternally settled. And since the freedom of expression and the freedom of religion still exist in Quebec, Mgr. Ouellet is perfectly entitled to express himself, even if it curls the hair on the legs of the hysterical supporters of unconditional abortion.


Let’s be clear, when we use the euphemism “interruption of a pregnancy”, especially after the 20th week, this consists in the murder of a human being, perpetrated at the instigation of its mother.  Period.  Could this be justifiable, morally or socially, in some circumstances?  Probably.  I’m thinking of rape or other rate circumstances where the ultimate recourse to the death of a human being could be tolerable.

Abortion is the woman’s decision, but this decision has societal important implications. It is the duty of the State to regulate abortion and to counsel women involved in these terrible dilemmas to see if alternate scenarios to the murder of their baby could be envisaged.


The current scandalous situation is that there exists no law on abortion in Canada, a situation that is almost unique in the world. That means that a doctor can kill a perfectly viable baby in its mother’s tummy up to the ninth month of pregnancy, up until the moment of its natural evacuation from the uterus. I don’t think that the percentage of Quebeckers that would express support for such a practice would be very high. How can one deny that late-term abortions pose moral problems?  In an obstetric room, a medical team may be working to save the life of a six month old fetus, while across the hall, a doctor is killing a fetus of the same age.  In Canada, let me say it again, nothing prevents such vile abortions. (Source)

Rock on, man!

Those are some powerful words. Even though the guy is open to the idea of early abortions, this is as pro-life as you’ll find among the Quebec media.

The fact that Quebec’s National Assembly felt the need to unanimously pass a motion reasserting its support for abortion tells me that they’re scared.  If the debate was really settled, they wouldn’t even feel the need to bring it up.  Have you heard of any motions reasserting the legislative requirement for drivers to wear a seat-belt?  No, because nobody is contesting it and its a no-brainer.  That debate is really settled. But the politicians are clearly feeling a cold draft down their necks on abortion and decided that they needed to put on a show to make for a good news story.  Remember that just a few years before same-sex marriage was ratified by Parliament, an overwhelming majority of MPs had voted in support of the traditional definition of marriage.  The fact that they even held that vote was already a sign of weakened purpose of heart and mind.

The good Cardinal rattled the establishment, my friends, and its foundations have been found to be lacking.  This is good news indeed.  Keep up the good work.

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