Would Development and Peace be willing to fund a racist group?

From Georges Buscemi’s amazing synthesis of what is really at stake here.

Thought Experiment : The pro-union organisation that promotes racial segregation

Imagine for a moment that a Honduran pro-union organisation, besides being a union organiser, was also known to promote black racial segregation, proudly displaying their “white power” banners in their meeting rooms, lobbying their government and holding round-table discussions on the legalization of racial segregation in their country, etc.

Now is there any doubt that D&P would never have even considered funding such an organisation, that they would have “smelled a rat” from the initial stages of their investigation into this potential partner, and that they would have without hesitation decided against giving any money to “those people”? 

Moreover, should it ever have been pointed out to them (say, by a website called StopRacism.com or something of the sort) that one of the groups they had partnered with were promoting racial segregation, would they have spent months and months denying the allegations and shooting the messengers? Would they not instead have been grateful to those who had discovered the problem, and righted the wrong that had been occurring without their knowledge?

Would they not promptly have issued a press release apologizing for the mistake and promising changes, perhaps something along the lines of “In the past D&P has partnered with a group which engages in activities that violate universal ethical norms. We therefore have ceased our partnership with this group. We thank the concerned citizens who pointed out this problem for their vigilance, and we hope never to repeat the same mistake again, having implemented a new set of guidelines for determining partnerships. This new set of guidelines can be found at www.devp.org.”

Truth be told, racial segregation, evil as it is, is less evil than abortion. Whereas the denial of basic human rights on the basis of race is an affront to a human being’s inalienable dignity, abortion deprives an innocent human being of his life, rendering the question of dignity moot. For the thought experiment above to be more accurate, we would have had to substitute “genocide” for abortion, since advocating for abortion is more equivalent to advocating for genocide, that is, the indiscriminate killing of innocent human beings based on their membership in a certain pariah class.

Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that D&P, far from denying well-documented accusations of supporting groups that advocate genocide, far from smearing those who made the accusations, would immediately rectify the situation and thank those involved in uncovering it? But why then were they not so quick and thankful for being called out on supporting groups that advocate for abortion, an “abominable crime” similar to genocide?

The problem, most probably, is that the management at D&P, much less the regular employees at D&P, DO NOT believe that abortion is anywhere near equivalent to genocide; and that, I argue, is one of the major problems which D&P must resolve if this controversy is ever to conclude in a satisfactory manner. So long as the denunciation of abortion and other wrongs is dismissed by D&P as merely “catholic idiosyncrasies” unrelated to the “real problems”, the controversy surrounding D&P will NEVER die off.

What is true for Development & Peace is just as lickity split true for the Canadian Bishops. 

They need to sort out exactly where they stand on abortion.  Because, so far, all of their paper support means diddly squat.

Nobody believes they could withstand the political pressure by the general population if they let Racists get our money…which is quite revealing about who they follow, isn’t it?  If D&P were funding racism, it wouldn’t last 3 seconds with the bishops, let alone over 3 years and counting and counting and counting.  They would be sure to draw on courage when “fighting racism”,  but for abortion? Not so much.  That needs lots of deliberations and standing committees and dangerous liasons.

The Bishops follow what the Culture thinks is important, not what Jesus thinks is important. That much is crystal clear when seen through the lens of this example.  That’s an ugly and inconvenient truth…but it is a painful truth, nonetheless.  And the sooner they face it, the quicker we can be done with this controversy and even abortion in this country.

The bishops are not fully pro-life.  And without the bishops’ consent and FULL submission to Jesus and the Gospel of Life, we will never win this war.  Ever.

We must pray fervently for the conversion of the bishops to the Catholic Faith, whole and entire.

2 thoughts on “Would Development and Peace be willing to fund a racist group?

  1. Georges’ article is indeed very good. I have to agree with you that our bishops, save for a few, don’t seem to be fully pro-life. It is one of many issues for them. Unlike the Holy Father, they don’t see that it is the foundational issue.

  2. Many of us Catholics are hard wired to think the best of our spiritual leaders. And normally, we should. “Assume the good intent”, as the saying goes.

    But the reality is that there is a reason why things are not progressing, and it does not do us any good to avoid admitting the truth about our bishops.

    The real question is not “Are you pro-life?” The real question to ask them is “How pro-life are you?”

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