Worst Fears About Cardinal Dolan’s Prayer With Democrats Risk Coming True

By Steve G.

A writer at the Huffington Post, who identifies herself as a Catholic pro-Democrat, has illustrated our worst fears about how the general public will perceive Cardinal Dolan’s prayer at the Democratic National Convention. It’s not everyday that your enemies show their cards so arrogantly. Clearly, the Democrats intend to play the Cardinal like B.B. King does a guitar:

Once Dolan began to make noise about wishing to pray with the Democrats, the DNC, knowing inviting Dolan would be a smart move (and a means of winning the votes of moderate Catholics on the fence) seized the opportunity to take the high road, and accepted Dolan’s request to be invited to pray at the convention.


These Catholics on the fence are ready to be told by possibly the most powerful Catholic prelate in the North America that it’s OK to vote for Obama. By appearing at the Democratic convention, Dolan lends them — and Obama — his seal of approval. (Source)

I couldn’t have said it any clearer. But it gets even more explicit:

Many Catholics who believe that the born also have the right to life are reluctant to cast votes for Obama because the president supports Roe v. Wade. By appearing at the Democratic Convention, Dolan reminds these Catholics that abortion is a complicated issue and “pro-life” can sometimes be a misnomer.


Dolan’s reaching out to Democrats will release many pro-life Catholics who are torn between the two pro-life agendas of the Democrats and the Republicans from the obligation to vote for Romney. By praying with both groups, Dolan sends this vital message to American Catholics preparing to vote: you can vote for Obama or Romney and still be a very good Catholic.


As a result of Dolan’s possible political “awakening,” questions relating to same-sex marriage, the Health Care Mandate and Roe v. Wadewill be pinch less “cut and dried” and a tad less urgent for undecided Roman Catholic voters. Just by being at the convention, Dolan will reframe all the aforementioned controversies. His presence will have the effect of blurring all Catholic lines of demarcation.

It then it goes beyond my wildest nightmares (which is saying a lot for a pessimist like me) because she implicates the Pope:

As I have written elsewhere, Timothy Dolan is not making these decisions without counsel from the Vatican. Even if he were moved, as a simple priest trying to just do the right thing, to ask to lead a prayer at the Democratic convention, Dolan would not seek such an invitation without the pope’s blessing.

The Democratic convention will culminate in the formal nomination of a president who has been cast as an enemy of Roman Catholicism in the United States. There’s no way Dolan would go act without the benefit of Ratzinger’s imprimatur.

Of course, this is absurd. The bishops have been running wild for decades against the Pope’s teachings (which raises the issue of why the Vatican doesn’t serve harder discipline on bishops in light of all the damage they can inflict). But I can see how many Catholics could interpret Cardinal Dolan’s actions in this manner. So even the Pope gets screwed.

As you can see, the collateral damage of Cardinal Dolan’s lack of political acumen is oozing on all sides. Unless he calls out the Dems for their support of intrinsic evil, this event will be like nuking the American Church. Even though his heart may be in the right place, I don’t think he should be heading the USCCB because he just doesn’t have the sense of scandal or the street-smarts to avoid being played by the enemies of the Church.

4 thoughts on “Worst Fears About Cardinal Dolan’s Prayer With Democrats Risk Coming True

  1. The only thing we can do now is just pray for a miracle from God. That somehow, God will turn the tables and make + Dolan look brilliant.

  2. I’m going to disagree here. If the Church continues to be silent (not impramteur as the wacko stated) and let many clergy run rampant, then doesn’t that say that they don’t really care? ie:Lukewarm? Check Apocalypse 3:14-16.

    If they’re Christian, they would speak out and take care of things ASAP. We all know that it takes the Church forever to make decisions. That’s wrong. Didn’t it take 11 years for the Church to make cosmetic changes to the Mass? Sorry, but if the Church isn’t speaking up and putting a stop to it, then they’re taking part in the problem not the solution.

  3. What about considering …..

    that Cardinal Dolan was led by the Holy Spirit to speak the TRUTH to a room full of those who needed to hear fundamental spiritual teachings ….to move them beyond politics .

    I applaud his courage especially following the positions we heard throughout the Dem convention.

    • Absolutely. He spoke as a pastor, and prayed a very sincere prayer for help in lifting America up to be a truly just and free nation. He defined justice and freedom. His prayers at both conventions were very courageous and faithful prayers.The outrage by the Democrats speaks to how faithful he was. If the Dems want to subsequently re-write the whole event, as they re-write everything , let them. With truth and God by the Cardinal’s side, America will benefit.
      He is a good and faithful servant.

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