Worldwide Consecration To Jesus Through Mary

We haven’t met but you may have noticed an invitation to a group entitled “Worldwide Consecration to Jesus through Mary”, please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Steven Lawson I am an employee at The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio. Last year leading up to our 10 year Anniversary Conference with Fr. John Corapi we felt a call to start an initiative entitled “The Worldwide Consecration to Jesus through Mary” in which we promoted Catholics to Consecrate themselves to Jesus through Mary according to the method of St. Louis De Montfort. If you are not familiar with this devotion it has been the chosen Marian spirituality for countless holy individuals including Blessed Mother Theresa and John Paul the 2nd who described encountering St. Montfort’s work “True Devotion to Mary” as a turning point in his spiritual life.

We began promoting Consecration on both a local as well as international level with the final Consecration prayers to be recited on August 15th 2009 the date of the Conference. The Consecration was a great success and on The Feast of the Assumption over 13,000 faithful from 24 different countries joined in Consecration to Jesus through his Mother. These consecrants included Bishop Edward Kmiec, Fr. John Corapi, and various monasteries throughout the United States.

We are now trying to promote the second annual Worldwide Consecration and hope to reach even more souls. With the advances of technology the faithful are able to come together on a global level in a way that never before would have been possible. During our first push we had many individuals consecrate themselves for the first time and we know each soul that is touched is a huge victory. We already have 13 monastaries praying for the initiative and its consecrants including the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist (who were on Oprah recently) who will all be partaking in the consecration. There is something very exciting about so many Catholics handing their lives over to Jesus through Mary in a unified voice.

This consecration holds a special place in my heart because two years ago I was an agnostic and I returned to the Church through an extraordinary grace given to me by the Blessed Mother. Divine Providence then led me to the consecration, my current job, and then the Worldwide Consecration initiative.

I wanted to reach out to you and ask for your support in this cause. I invite you to participate in the consecration, pray for it’s success, and help spread the word anyway you can. You can learn more about this event and the devotion by visiting these links:

Consecration to Jesus Through Mary

Facebook Group

Please remember me in your prayers I will remember you in mine.
God bless you!
Ave Maria,

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