One thought on “World’s first 3-way gay “marriage”

  1. Evil will prosper politically,get legalized and then be normalized to schoolchildren,as human rights by adult school teachers when so-called good Bishops,Priests,Pastors,Politicians,Educators,Judges,etc., do nothing.

    Welcome to the so-called”neutral”Democratic Secular Pagan Christless Civilization in Government,Law,Education and Entertainment,where evil prospers by decree.Here Nicolaitans masquerade as Christians mocking Christ,while The Real Catholic Bishops and Church get persecuted as they did in Pagan Rome.

    The so-called”neutral” Democratic Secular Pagans and their Media calls this persecution legalized secular neutral human rights.When evil murderers talk so-called “neutral” Secular youth to join them in Jihad,it is not so very difficult for them to chose another culture of death,is it? In our former Christian Democracies in Government,Law and Education,we now in our so-called”neutral”Secular Pagan Democratic World have very few real Christians,because of Secular Pagan Persecution.Unlike the Arab Christian’s who are beheaded for not converting to Islam,the majority of Canadians etc.,become so-called “neutral” Secular Democratic Pagans to avoid persecution by The so-called Neutral Secular Pagan Authorities in Government,Law,Education,Popular Media and what is called Secular Entertainment.

    The Democratic Secular Catholic,Secular Protestant,Atheist etc.,voting public already know what they legalize,will become to be thought of as moral legalized human rights,normalized by adult school teachers etc., to children as human rights.They know that Secular Christian is an oxymoron.

    Between 2005-2008 the Canadian Public was united Politically across Canada by righteous citizens and forced Parliament to change rotten Parliamentary and Supreme Court Of Canada Law of 2005 in 2008,which cost us much.The majority of so-called Catholic and Protestant Bishops etc., were to busy with their rituals to be of any earthly good,as Hell is Politically unleashed by so-called “neutral”Secular Democratic Paganism on our schoolchildren,by adult school teachers and homosexual etc.,activists.Will real Democratic Christians politically join us to try to win our democracies back from Satan’s and evil doers so-called “neutral” Secular Democratic Paganism,or are they happy remaining political so-called neutral Democratic Secular Pagans? Not only were you told,but between 2005-2008 we forced Parliament to raise the age of sex consent in 2008,when it did not in 2005 and the Supreme Court Of Canada decreed consenting 14 year old’s as consenting adults in it’s December 20,2005 decision, which had made Canada a legal destination for sex trafficking predators and pedophiles,as human rights.Who’s Bishop’s,Politician’s,Judges,Educator’s,Popular Media Moguls etc., did not lift a finger to help us, as we worked diligently,while praying without ceasing.

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