World Vision Needs to Come Clean

It looks like the whole “charity” gig business is starting to go belly up. I’ve known about World Vision’s seedier practices for some time now…including its support for condom distribution to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

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Published by Andrea Mrozek at 10:53 am

Feel free to do the same. My continued support of World Vision definitely hinges on the answer here.

In today’s Globe and Mail, the question of how Canada does maternal health continues. I’m not only concerned if the government is working with abortion-rights groups like Action Canada for Population and Development, but also be concerned if aid agencies are:

Mr. Morley said his organization and four others – Care Canada, UNICEF Canada, World Vision Canada and Plan International – realized when they met last February that they were all thinking the same way and decided to work together to get the government onside. Along with two Canadian aid agencies – Results Canada and Action Canada for Population and Development – that joined the cause in recent months, they were delighted when it was announced on Monday that Mr. Harper would take the opportunity of the June gathering to press the issue.

Since I have been a supporter of World Vision for some years now, I just placed a polite call, followed up with an email, to ask this:

I’d appreciate it very much if you could get back to me on whether or not World Vision is happy to partner with the ACPD. The ACPD is an abortion-rights group, and this is in my view, violently opposed to maternal health. It is my hope that you can clarify this situation for me and confirm that World Vision would not now, and has not in the past, worked with ACPD.

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  1. I used to sponsor 2 children through World Vision. I heard about their support of Reproductive rights and promptly questioned them about it. The reply I received was the following,

    “Reproductive rights does not necessarily refer to abortion, but rather being equipped with knowledge about appropriate means of birth control.

    When World Vision refers to reproductive rights, we are not referring to abortion. ”

    I went on to specifically ask which methods of birth control they were promoting. I also asked if they realized the pill acts as an abortifacient in the event of conception. They completely stonewalled me. They wouldn’t enter into a dialogue with me…..what did they have to hide? I was stunned.

    If you are Catholic, you CAN NOT both support World Vision and remain faithful to the teachings of the Church. There are so many other worthy options.

    I went on and joined up with Chalice…..a real aid agency.

  2. Andy, I am a faithful follower of Our Lord and World Vision sponsor and feel you are confused about family planning which is what World Vison helps with and I have been raised Catholic and feel you are very misguided
    about these facts, and our hindering God’s Work. World Vision is an international partnership of Christians including many Catholics whose mission is to follow our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice and bear witness to the good new of the Kingdom of God.

    May God have mercy on your judgement.

  3. Perhaps when you meet a child who has been raped, left HIV positive and pregnant you might all have a different way of looking at the world…
    “let he who is without sin, cast the first stone” and as for the rest of us who are with sin (and I hesitate to think any of us are without) why not support the people who are going out and striving to help others. You judge these people but they are helping in their own way and the help is much needed. Help them to continue the good work that they do. I know my God will be by their side.

  4. Tara,

    You are somewhat misguided. Your intentions may be good, but unfortunately God’s word and truth must be our only authority, not any person’s opinion.

    Jesus said that Satan masquerades as an angel of light, so evil isn’t so foolish as to reveal itself as such. Instead evil comes to the world as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If an organization like World Vision Canada in any way aligns itself with the killing of children in the womb, then they are a hideous bunch indeed.

    Jeremiah 1:5 NIV says:

    “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
    before you were born I set you apart;
    I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

    I think God’s word is pretty clear, unless you’re a fool enough to think you know better than God. Incidentally Tara, Planned Parenthood doesn’t help people plan to be parents, they organize and endorse abortions, the killing of innocent unborn children.

    Jesus Christ came to our world that is condemned in its sin, in order to save us. He is not an advocate to sin, He is the only Sacrifice worthy of paying our sin penalty. We cannot come to God without faith in Jesus Christ and without repentance from our sins.

    After Jesus prepared for His public ministry by spending 40 days alone in the wilderness the first words He spoke in Matthew 4:17 were, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is near.”

    Jesus does not condone sinning, Jesus forgives a repented sinner and has suffered on our behalf, so we can avoid the punishment of hell. But we must believe in Him and repent from our sin. When we believe in Jesus Christ we simply cannot allow ourselves to entertain sinful behaviors anymore. Failing and falling into sin, is very different from a calculated decision to disobey God’s truth, as in getting an abortion. The act of getting an abortion is an act that requires thought and diligence in order to complete the sin. Much different than getting tempted by the devil to an immediate impulse and then sinning.

    It is still sin, just the same, but the repented sinner cannot live life following sin anymore. Instead the repented sinner follows Jesus. I don’t think Jesus is leading too many women into abortion clinics!

    We must hate sin, not sinners.

  5. Very Interesting comments above. I support 3 World Vision Children they are a blessing in my life.
    I am Muslim, born in Canada…. However Religion doesn’t really matter does it when you care enough to give. Generosity can see beyond any judgment you feel you can place because of your faith and if you truly believe that god wants us to give only to certain people who are doing certain things perhaps you do need to re-evaluate your faith in yourself. What are you doing to protect the future adults of the developing world. Do you really care? There is many wonderful articles about where the sponsored children are right now, One sponsored child from Bangladesh is now a practicing lawyer. How wonderful is it to know that for the price of a pizza a month you gave a child a future to be, and to dream whoever they wanted to be. If everyone could just give, there is no need for any child to die in vain, in poverty. With access to the internet, we now see the way this global world lives, should we still pretend that doesn’t or should we take action? Should History prevent a brighter future or should it fuel us to take the first step to change. Those who have a problem with agencies who are making a difference should get over themselves. Do you drive a car? Have you any idea of the damage consumerism is doing on the world? Wouldn’t you want your children to grow up loving all people, If your child was a picture folder and was dying in Africa wouldn’t you want someone to help you. No Matter what faith we come from, one thing is true… God gave intelligence for mankind to make decisions, so lets make the right chices and teach our children to love God and all God’s creations.

  6. Zahra,

    Please do not confuse opposing World Vision with opposing giving support to the poor.

    People can oppose some problematic positions of “charitable organizations”, but still support genuine poverty relief.

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