Working Up to Auschwitz

In Dr. Gosnell’s clinic, typically by cutting their heads off.  In one instance, a child arrived on the table with its eyes and jaw torn off by Gosnell’s forceps.  While this helpless, sinless, creature lay writhing on the table, screaming, Dr. Gosnell gestured impatiently at an assistant — do something about that. (Source)

We need to use all of the material that Gosnell’s trial has provided us, and explode it on billboards all over North America.  Nothing exposes the abortion industry better than the truth.

2 thoughts on “Working Up to Auschwitz

  1. Too many people don’t want the truth told , especially if it upsets people.
    here is an exchange i had with someone on Facebook yesterday:

    Me: “We need a media that tells us what we need to hear, not just what we waqnt to hear, and which will pursue truth to the ends of the earth regardless of the answers to which it leads us. Anything else is bread and circuses at best or propaganda at worst. It is actually a combination of the two. Bread and circuses to keep people dumbed down and entertained, and propaganda to keep them buying and consuming.”

    Her: ” I think maybe people can tolerate animal abuse stories. What that monster Gosnell did goes way beyond the pale and is too sickening to hear and read about … Details of that trial I don’t want to hear about, all I do want to hear is he will do jail time…that I will read about.”

    Her again:” the media has a standard to follow and that means they have to be careful what they print. What we want to hear and read about is important and should be separated by news and graphic news. As we also have to consider that young adults have to sometimes do school projects for school assignments. That means 10 year olds might be perusing a newspaper…get what I mean? At least that’s my belief about reporting stories. There is always that fine line about too much details.”

    Another guy:Sickening details and graphic pictures were okay to convey the message of starving children in Africa, the horror of concentration camps in Poland and how smoking causes cancer that are plastered all over cigarette packaging. I really can’t grasp how talking and visualizing about some atrocities are worthy, while others should be hidden? It’s just another case of political correctness gone wild!”

    Her again: “no I think it is just a sign of our times. Some people believe we should be shielded from seeing and reading some things “for our own good” if you will. That’s what seems to be happening. And yet details still reach many people a sort of underground information highway like Facebook for instance. I live in Delaware, a state next to Pa. and the coverage of the trail is hardly mentioned on tv or in the newspaper. I agree perhaps it’s all an attempt at a social correctness.”

    The woman from Delaware is also a liberal btw. While she doesn’;t want to see the story in the media, we’ve at least got her discussing it, and more to the point she agrees Gosnell is a monster. the question is, if we weren’t out there with this story, would she even be bthinking about it, and making any concessions whatever?
    Soldier on!

  2. This idea that the news media shouldn’t report gory or horrible stuff is a very new one. In the past they’ve gone by the standard of “if it bleeds, it leads.” A couple years ago, a national news magazine (I can’t remember if it was Newsweek or Time) had a big picture on it’s front cover of an Afgan girl who’d been caught by the Taliban for running away from an abusive husband. They punished her by cutting her nose off. (A lesson about why we need to keep Sharia law OUT of the US.) The picture of this girl, minus her nose, was on magazine news stands at grocery stores across the country, often at child eye level. Nobody said it shouldn’t be there.
    It’s only when the gruesome story makes abortion look bad that they suddenly care about our sensitivities, or whether children will get nightmares (or whether adults will get nightmares for that matter). I think they just don’t want to accidentally make people go pro-life, especially not females (who might later decide NOT to abort an ill-timed pregnancy, and thereby deprive the abortion industry of a sale).
    Really, think about it. This is the first time the media has shied away from a gruesome story. The first time! What does that tell you. After this story is over, the media may go back to the motto of “if it bleeds, it leads.”
    P.S. Just for the record, I hate gruesome stuff. It makes me sick. But it can show people the horribleness of an injustice in the world, and motivate people to change it.

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