Working the CBC Causes Severe Psychological Distess

Many of my right-wing friends insist that the CBC’s left-wing anti-American political orientation is the product of mental instability among the Ceeb’s senior managers. But a new internal study at the CBC suggests the process goes in the other direction: Working at the CBC messes with your brain. According to a 2005 “wellness” survey of 4,630 CBC staff — which has only now been made public, thanks to an Access to Information request — 44% of CBC staff display symptoms of high-level psychological distress. And in 9 cases out of 10, that distress was reported as work-related. Oh, and did I mention that these distressed individuals took double the number of sick days as everyone else? In other words, the ones footing the bill for the oppressive work environment at Canada’s massively subsidized national broadcaster is … you and me. (Source)

If you worked for the CBC, you’d go nuts too.  This would also explain the quality of “news” they pump out.  If you’re consistently distorting the truth and pimping for social liberalism, you gotta believe it’s gonna eventually mess with your head. And sure enough, now we have the evidence.

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