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Got this message from my good friend, Robert Dubroy of CHRI 99.1 FM Christian Radio here in Ottawa:

Hey, John.

We will have free speech on Word FM, if we can get the application through the CRTC. They have again asked for input from the public. Please ask all your group members to send letters of support.

In the “final” count last November, Word FM received more than 692 interventions in support of our application for a Christian teaching and hymns FM radio station in Ottawa! This is many more than any other applicant for the frequency 99.7MHz: 0 for Instant Info’s application for a 10-minute tape loop station, 72 for Maheu’s application for an alternative pop station, and 491 (488 of which were form letters) for Evanov’s application for an adult album alternative station. Many thanks to you if you sent a letter.

However, if you have not, you have another chance! The CRTC delayed the hearing date to 13 May and has again invited interventions. If our intervention total exceeds 1,000, it would send a clear signal to the CRTC that Ottawa wants this station! It will take you only a few minutes to help sanctify the airwaves! Here again is how you and everyone you know, no matter what their age, can send the message of support before April 18th:

• on-line at the CRTC website (http://support.crtc.gc.ca/rapidscin/default.aspx?lang=en¬ice=n2008-1&applicant=200700725), click “Next” at the bottom right, select My comments are in: “Support” in the drop-down list, and fill in the window below it with your reason for supporting the proposed Christian teaching and hymns station for Ottawa, select and copy your comment into an email to bob@chri.ca. In Step 5, fill in your contact information and check where it asks you to copy your comment to the applicant.
• by mail to CRTC, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2 (copy to CHRI-FM, 1010 Thomas Spratt Place, Suite 3, Ottawa, ON K1G 5L5)
• by fax to Secretary General (819) 994-0218 (copy to CHRI-FM, 613-247-7128 )

If by mail or fax, your message should start with: Re: Positive Intervention for Ottawa, ON Application 2007-0072-5 for a New FM Station

The first or last paragraph must state one of the following:
• I want to appear at the public hearing.
• I do not want to appear at the public hearing. or
• I will appear at the public hearing if requested by the Commission.

I earnestly thank you for preparing that message and for your prayers for our hearing the week of May 13th.

Your brother in Christ,
Bob Du Broy,

Sample Wording
(Please do not copy any of these word for word or the CRTC will not count your letter as an original intervention)

Example 1: Christian Hit Radio Inc. operates the contemporary Christian music radio station CHRI 99.1 FM in Ottawa. I would appreciate radio programming like Focus Weekend, Enjoying Everyday Life, Back to the Bible, and old hymns, which is what they have proposed for the new station. I would like to be able to enjoy Christian radio for mature listeners in my car and my home. I encourage you to license this applicant. I will appear at the public hearing if requested by the Commission.

Example 2: Christian Hit Radio Inc. has submitted an application for a licence for an FM station in Ottawa that would air wholesome, old-style, uplifting programming like those hosted by Joyce Meyer, Phyllis Wallace and Ralph Martin. I believe the people of this city deserve to hear the great messages of speakers like these. Please license this applicant. I do not wish to appear at the public hearing.

Example 3: Christian Hit Radio Inc. has applied for an FM radio licence at 99.7 MHz to broadcast religious teaching and music. I believe the mature listeners of Ottawa want this positive alternative to other media. I request that you grant this licence request. I want to appear at the public hearing.

You can find more model letters at

If you have not yet written the letter, do it!

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