Women Suckered By Contraception

Timothy Reichert, a world-renowned economist and a Colorado resident, recently argued in an essay titled “Bitter Pill” in the journal First Things, that contraception leads to an unfair dynamic between men and women in which women who want to marry are increasingly disregarded by men who are free to have sexual relationships with no real consequences.

And Helen Alvaré, a law professor at George Mason University, has argued that divorcing sexuality from procreation leads to a culture that expects women to be sexually available to men without ever desiring children. Alvaré has pointed out that most women, even today, “would like to be married at some point, or have some time to devote to their children,” and that the expectation placed on women make these propositions increasingly difficult. The contraceptive culture, she points out, tragically mitigates the responsibility of men to their families.

The freedom promised by the sexual revolution is not true freedom at all. Jennifer Fulwiler, a popular blogger and contributor to the National Catholic Register put it well: “I find it ironic when contraception is said to allow anyone to live freely, secular culture assures women that they can go ahead and engage in the act that creates babies, even if they are not ready to be mothers. They are handed contraception and told to forget all about the possibility of parenthood. Then, when the contraception fails, as it so often does, they find themselves feeling trapped, perceiving that their only escape is through the doors of an abortion facility. This, to me, does not look like freedom.” (Source)

In one of my former jobs, I worked for an employer who use to joke about having sex is like “playing with fire”.  This is the contorted thinking today about sex.  It’s dangerous and it has to be “quelled” through contraception.  

Everyone is beginning to admit that the greatest victims of contraception are women.  They end up getting pregnant when contraception fails (as it has a good chance of doing so in their fertile years).  Then they have to go through the horrific experience of abortion.  Then the relationship with that loser boyfriend ends, as it always does.  Then she tries to find another man who is just as irresponsible as the last arsehole, because in part, contraception has created a culture of such pleasure-seeking arseholes.  Then she finally ends up alone with one or two kids from different men or no kids with no father and having to make it on her own into old age as a bitter person.

Just how, precisely, is that a liberation?  That’s more like slavery and the gutter, if you ask me.

I know this is diffcult for liberals to think about because it’s just so radical for them that it’s completely off their radar…but here goes anyway…..

What if contraception were banned? 

Now, now. Don’t pop your balloons and start screaming about abortion rates going up…because that’s not what actually happens in a calculating society. It didn’t happen in the past and will not happen in the future.

Imagine:  No contraception and no recourse to abortion.   And when the baby comes, financial penalties imposed on the man to support the woman and child.  Sex becomes natural and responsible again!

Now then, I have a simple question:  what do you, in your most considered opinion, believe that such a regiment would do to the behaviour of men, especially after the first few years of having this law imposed?  Oh I know, there will be a lot of moaning and groaning as everyone grows up in the first few years, but after that all the little boys will grow up quickly to be real men.  Consequences have a remarkable way of doing that to guy.  Women should recognize that.

Think about it.  And think about all the social ills that would be eradicated and the boat load of money we would save on “social  and health programs” we need in place because of irresponsible sexual activity. 

It’s an amazing public policy that would quite literally save our society from collapse and make it thrive again. 

Sexual discipline.  A remarkable idea whose time has come.

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