Women in Combat

…Women are often great shooters but can’t run in 50-80 lbs of gear as long, hard, or fast as men.  Military training is hard enough on men’s bodies; it’s harder on women’s.  And until women stop menstruating, there will always be an uphill battle for staying level and strong at all times.  No one wants to talk about the fact that in the days before a woman’s cycle, she loses half her strength, to say nothing of the emotional ups and downs that affect judgment. And how would you like fighting through PMS symptoms while clearing a town or going through a firefight?  Then there are the logistics of making all the accommodations for women in the field, from stopping the convoy to pee or because her cycle started to stripping down to get hosed off after having to go into combat with full MOP gear when there’s a biological threat.

This is to say nothing of unit cohesion, which is imperative and paramount, especially in the combat fields. When preparing for battle, the last thing on your mind should be sex; but you put men and women in close quarters together, and human nature is what it is (this is also why the repeal of DADT is so damaging). It doesn’t matter what the rules are. The Navy proved that when they started allowing women on ship. What happened? They were having sex and getting pregnant, ruining unit cohesion (not to mention derailing the operations because they’d have to change course to get them off ship.)…(Source)


Gender benders will stop at absolutely nothing to push their lethal ideology…even at the expense of their own survival.

2 thoughts on “Women in Combat

  1. Rush Limbaugh brought this up on his show. And a listener emailed him that “didn’t he know that women can have an injection in their leg that suspends their periods for a year?” no problem in the military then.
    To which Rush responded, “what else is such an injection doing to their bodies?”
    The whole thing reeks of feminism gone ballistic; women are out of touch with their real selves.

  2. That’s it? Quoting Rush Limpbaugh? The man is a misogynist! Although he does seem to understand prescription drugs more than the average person. Experience?

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