“Women Hurt”

The Pro Life Campaign has welcomed the Women Hurt group launched this week in Ireland. The initiative which was launched on Monday via a nationwide billboard campaign, website and youtube video gives a platform for women who have had abortions to share their stories of how abortion impacted negatively on their lives and how they subsequently sought help and healing.  Commenting on the project Dr. Ruth Cullen of the Pro Life Campaign said ‘This project gives a face to another side of the abortion story, a side of the story that we don’t often hear – that of women who regret their abortion decision and seek help and healing” She continued “Many of the women whose stories feature on the website www.womenhurt.ie didn’t make a ‘choice’ to have abortions but felt forced to do so because of societal, family or financial pressure.  The stories of these women should inform how we approach public policy to ensure that women in crisis pregnancy realise that there are alternatives to abortion and feel supported by their communities.” “I would urge those who are seeking healing after abortion to visit the website at www.womenhurt.ie”, Dr. Cullen concluded

 This is very much needed in the pro-life movement.  Good on Ireland.  Now Canada, which has such ministries, needs to kick it up a notch.

One thought on ““Women Hurt”

  1. Canada teaches people in our education establishments and thus law, science, and politics that love without meaning (Kinsey Sex Education) and murder without guilt (Abortion), is the definition of compassion and love. This has profound consequences on our civilization.
    In the past we believed in the inalienable human rights for all living people including those children in their mothers wombs.
    After The Second World War we indicted ten Nazi leaders for compelling abortions which our Canada considered crimes against humanity. Any country that kills children in their mothers wombs and teaches people that they have a “right” to do so can also do all sorts of evil by legalizing and normalizing it as the Nazi’s did, and Canada is doing.
    Canadian citizens please wake up and start calling Politically Correct Relativism by what it really is nonsense.

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