Women dumping the Pill and Condoms…going back to Withdrawal.

Jane Knight suspects that many of the women who use withdrawal as their sole means of contraception are secretly hoping for another baby, and this is a way of making reluctant husbands think they are in control.

You go, girl!

Ha ha.  Obviously withdrawal is immoral too, but if the pharmaceutical companies take a hit and the whole sex industry gets nailed…hey, that’s a positive development!

The best things in life are seldom “planned”.

Gotta kick out of this part:

“Deciding to use withdrawal makes you think about the relationship.

“You have to address all outcomes, such as: what would we do if I got pregnant? Any conversation that doesn’t get past this suggests your relationship is not at the right stage or you’re not with the right man.”

And it seems that discussing all possible outcomes may be vital.

Isn’t that funny?  Any chance of pregnancy automatically means better communication and even acceptance.  The flip side of this is condoms.  No communication.  Just the physical hit and that’s it.

Still, withdrawal is not exactly that manly.  C’mon, baby, finished what you started.

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