Woman sues Rogers after husband used phone bill to discover she was having an affair

Here’s a story to file in the head-scratcher category.  A woman is suing Rogers because her husband left her after he used the phone bill to deduce that she was having an affair. Come again?

After examining the phone bill, the husband noticed zillions of phone calls placed by the wife to the same phone number and confronted her about the situation.  After learning she was cheating on him, he dumped her.  So the woman is suing Rogers.  Go figure.

This is a tragic example of how twisted Western morality has become.  The woman is acting as if she had some sort of “right” to adultery and that this “right” has been violated. That’s right, folks, there is now a “right” to live a lie.  She also seems to think that her husband has no right to know the truth about his wife.

When lies are elevated to the rank of rights and the truth is trampled under some misplaced notion of privacy, you know society is in trouble.  This is more evidence of how our relativistic culture hates truth and seeks the darkness.

You know what’s worse? Our courts are so warped that I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins the case.  Vive le Canada?

Regardless, the house of cards will eventually come crashing down, just like this marriage.

One thought on “Woman sues Rogers after husband used phone bill to discover she was having an affair

  1. The twisting of the Truth just continues to entangle more and more, and of course,it is all done in the name of avoiding accountability of ones’ own
    wrongful and, the dreaded word, sinful behavior.

    Sorry, did I say “wrong”, I heard at a meeting today by someone who follows the god of their “understanding”, i.e.their own self, that they have their own moral compass, and besides, there is no right and wrong.

    Ahhh, it makes life so simple when we see things in such a haze of blazing narcissism. I guess they have the steps of their own understanding, too.

    As the song goes…I run to Him (Our Father, Son and Holy Spirit), and oh
    Of course, Lord Have Mercy.

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