Woman Fed to the Dogs by Pro-Abort For Refusing Coerced Abortion

RIO DE JANEIRO, July 9, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Bruno Fernandes de Souza, goalkeeper, captain and idol of fans of Rio de Janeiro’s Flamengo soccer club, has been arrested for suspicion of arranging the murder of his one-time mistress Eliza Samudio. Samudio, who was described by the newspaper O Globo as “a student, model and pornographic film actress,” was seeking to prove that de Souza was the father of her now 4-month-old son who she called Bruninho (Little Bruno). Samudio had been seeking a court order for DNA testing to prove de Souza’s paternity of the child, telling the media that after she told the footballer she was pregnant by him, he tried to force her to take drugs to cause a miscarriage and later tried to take her by force to an abortionist. She went to the police instead. In a glimpse into the often sordid world of pro soccer, de Souza, though admitting he had sex with Samudio at a party with other players of the club in May of last year, refused to acknowledge that he may have fathered the child. “It was an orgy. These parties are common in our circle. I was with her, everyone was with her,” he told Veja magazine before his arrest. The focus of the investigation turned toward de Souza when his 17-year-old cousin told police he heard Bruno tell two friends to “resolve the problem” after they had lured Samudio to his country retreat outside Belo Horizonte. In his statement he told police that he witnessed the woman being tied up and strangled, and then her remains fed to four Rottweilers. According to a report by The Guardian, police believe de Souza lured Samudio to the small town outside of Rio de Janeiro where she was beaten, killed by an accomplice, and had some of her body parts fed to dogs, while the rest was buried under concrete. “Bruno was there and he saw how the woman was completely broken,” Edson Moreira, the homicide investigator in charge of the case, told reporters, adding that the soccer player was a “monster for what he did to this young lady.” Police have also arrested de Souza’s wife, Dayana Rodrigues, who was found to have arranged for the care of the missing woman’s baby in a friend’s home. For his part de Souza denies any involvement in Samudio’s disappearance, and through his lawyer, Michel Assef Filho, told reporters that he is “horrified” by the claims made in his cousin’s statement. Commenting on the Samudio case, and why so many soccer players are involved in scandals, psychoanalyst Socrates Nolasco dans Istoe told the Brazilian press that those who gain fame and money through sports are sometimes ill-equipped to understand the moral consequences of their behavior. “Quickly gaining glory and wealth, they think they can do everything, they are above the law,” dans Istoe said.

I fail to see the problem here.

Abortion teaches a culture that the supreme value in life is “sexual freedom” even if you have to kill to get it or hold on to it, as the case may be.  No one really buys the bullkaka that a fetus is not a baby.   Deep down, even the most radical and obnoxious feminist understands this.  The honest ones admit it.  And so, despite the propaganda that is often vomited in the media by pro-abortionists, everyone knows the language of abortion very well. 

The language of abortion is not merely spoken against unborn children. It seeks to speak to a much larger audience and teach them its murderous ways too.  You see, those who speak the language of abortion do not accept these quaint and artificial boundaries of the womb which society has artificially imposed.   Let’s not quibble about the details of whether the person is inside the womb or outside of it.  People are not dissuaded from committing crimes by legal fictions. They are dissuaded from real moral arguments.  That’s why violent boyfriends and even casual sex partners see no problem in killing women to protect their own “sexual and reproductive rights”.   They have learned from feminists that it’s perfectly acceptable to kill to protect one’s “liberty“.  So, from their perspective, what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.  They have understood clearly that if the overriding goal is to protect one’s sexual liberty by permitting killing humans, then that teaching must be applied universally, regardless of age or location. The important thing, therefore,  is to ensure that such “choices” are protected. 

Freedom of choice to kill for all or for none. 

That’s why, they say, proposed legislation like Roxanne’s law must be opposed. It’s discrimatory and not fair to the sexual predator murderers!

8 thoughts on “Woman Fed to the Dogs by Pro-Abort For Refusing Coerced Abortion

  1. It’s all about ones WORLDVIEW also called ones RELIGION ! Anyone who says they don’t have a worldview is dishonest.

    The life side wants to promote their values of life and love to the culture.

    The only values the liberal minded death side imposes on the baby come in the form of a knife, a vacuum or scalding chemicals by Court enforcement and Government decree . We ought to be nurturing our children not killing them.

    The values of death and violence to get what they want are thus promoted and imposed on our society.

    The liberal minded media ought to go into the abortion clinics and show the people the pictures of the piles of dead babies who are the victims of this culture war.

    Why do you suppose they don’t ?

    The “Religion” of Politically Correct Relativism and Darwinian Secular Humanism in government, law, education and popular media in our culture has made killers of us all, because those that fund abortion are as guilty as those who do the abortions.

    The ones who don’t agree with this agenda get suspended from their employment , get fired and fined or go to jail. Here I am talking about fine teachers and fathers like Dr.Chris Kempling . We have become a society with no morality or justice and don’t seem to give a rip.

    Humanism and Communism are both Godless social theories. That is the reason Humanist Canada gets along so well with Communist China these days.

    That is also why criminals, and those they employ get rich at the expense of their victims of crime, and the victims suffer twice. The citizens pay the salaries and huge pensions of the judiciary.

    The judiciary make arbitrary laws based on Secular Humanism instead of the sanctity of human life based on the ten commandments.

    We murder our babies by the millions for our convenience and call it abortion.

    Unless we as voting citizens of Canada decide to do something about our Culture and Future nothing will change. Too many are A.W.O.L. in the Culture War raging for the Soul of Canada. We cannot afford to sit this one our.

  2. Too many so-called Christians and concerned citizens are sitting the Culture War for the soul of Canada out. They will have to answer for it after their pilgrimage is done.

  3. Hi John, computer was not in working order again for a long time. Thanks for the Truth…

    Still standing at Cavalry down on Bank St. where
    two days ago, I saw a Mother try to rush her daughter out of the mull at 65 Bank (abortions are still happening, I counted 7 yesterday go in and not come out during my 2 hour witness), attempting to shield her from seeing me and my ” I regret my abortion” sign. She obviously “knew” what she was doing.
    aiding and abetting, maybe instigating the death of who appeared to be her own daughter’s child (her grand child) was WRONG, and it was obvious
    by her trying to rush the young girl away (brown envelope in hand indicating she’d had the procedure.)

    Yesterday was hard and I feel God urging me to an ever more bold ,
    and unapologetic attitude toward this gravest of all realities (the death of the Blessed Most Innocent0, by showing graphic pictures and not shying away from this. If it has to be “In your face” witness, then we must follow what God says and Mary pleads.

    Babies are dying every second! and so where are the Catholics who say they are Pro-Life?

    Why are they not standing at Cavalry except a scattered dedicated few.
    Why are they only there during the 40 days For Life? and then why are even they not willing to hold a 24 hour vigil? What is with this town? Look at the reports from David Beirut and Shawn Carney . We should be striving for MORE hours, not less. Abortion has not ceased. Babies are still being torn apart. Where are the people?

    I dare to say that it is STILL not important enough to GOD’s Church
    because most are still ignoring it completely, and or are living in grave self deception, and denial and utterly refusing to look at reality.

    IT BEGINS IN HIS CHURCH!!! If we don’t cry out!!! the rocks will and
    I think we are headed down a path that that is a good prediction of what
    will be left of a lot of mankind if we don’t mobilize soon, and stand witness to the Truth.

    You know what giving up or giving in to the culture of death should not and is not an option for real followers.

    How can people celebrate Canada Day whilst this travesty is taking place or lounge at their cottages and take vacations. I can no longer
    sit still, put other things before this , and not put in my hours, even if I am the only one doing it.

    Until God see that people are willing to get out of their comfortable middle class comfort zone and risk the cost and put ENDING ABORTION at the top of the list, how can we expect ANYTHING to really change for the better?

    Mothers and Fathers who have been Blessed with healthy children, could make such an impact if they took some time and came down and witnessed when there were a lot of people around say…Midday on a Saturday (When they are also performing the killings, now),

    I must say the apathy and smug let somebody else do it….or I am not going unless there are others who go first attitude is hard to take at times.

    Why won’t people wake up…THIS IS THE ISSUE PERIOD. We must
    persevere in ever growing numbers and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!!

    Thank You Father God, Blessed Savior Jesus, and Most Holy of Holy
    Holy Spirit for the life You have given Me, please use me through the Intercession of Our Most Immaculate Heart of Mary and Blessed St.
    Joseph to be your instrument to witness Truth about this lie of lies.
    and please let it end. Thank You for all Your Saints and Angels and those
    dedicated Disciples who show us what we can achieve if we surrender
    all to Your Will and Do It.

    God Bless
    Frances Wilkinson

  4. Me again. I wanted to add, I have a very real CD sent to me from Human Life International from a couple of years ago and up at the cabin on the lak in Quebec , after we come home from out Sunday Obligations I crank it up real loud and play it for all to hear the Truth about Pro-death violence.( Every Catholic and Pro-Lifer should have a copy of this cd.)
    and the Truth regarding the lies about so called Pr-Life violence. I am sure that mixed in with a certain fellow Pro-Lifer’s CDS is just what Doctor God has ordered to wake some people up, because as I later walk down out road where I pray one of my Rosaries, I get some waves…so you see…
    we must not be afraid to YELL the Truth if need be…the cost of not doing so is …well we know, don’t we?.

    As a certain band screams out GOD is not a secret to be kept or His Truth for that matter. Read His Word.


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