D&P and its 45th pro-abort partner

Focus on the Global South is a radical leftist organization which advocates for the typical Leftist causes including anti-globalization, militant environmentalism and “reproductive rights”, among other issues. It is based in Bangkok, Thailand and operates in Thailand, the Philippines and India. Here are two sources from its own website which advocate for “reproductive rights”:

“Today, March 8, the International Day of Women, we march, together with our sisters across the globe, to celebrate the lessons, the triumphs as well as the challenges of our many-faceted struggles…We are daughters, sisters, mothers, marching to assert our rights over our bodies and claim our entitlement to public and reproductive services, in the face of greater impositions from the church, religious fundamentalisms and even the state, which choose to decide for us, and even worse, decide to deny us the right to choose….

– Signed: Amnesty International • APL-Women • Bagong Kamalayan • Batis-AWARE • Buklod – Olongapo • Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino – Kababaihan • CATW-AP • Center for Overseas Workers • Focus on the Global South…[and the rest of the cabal]


The “RH Bill” referred to below is the infamous “Reproductive Rights” Bill that seeks to promote contraception and will lead to the legalization of abortion in the Philippines. The Bishops of the Philippines stated: “It is our collective discernment that the Bill in its present form poses a serious threat to life of infants in the womb. It is a source of danger for the stability of the family. It places the dignity of womanhood at great risk.” (Source)

From Focus on the Global South, Philippines Programme website…

Thus women workers demand a (1) subsidy for displaced workers from the SSS, GSIS and OWWA; (2) tax refund for all wage earners; (3) expansion and reform of the public employment program; (4) extension of health care coverage for displaced workers; and (5) moratorium on demolitions and evictions. Aside from these, we demand the passage of the RH bill. The RH bill answers the problem of high maternal mortality that is bound to escalate in times of crisis. Without the RH bill, reproductive health services will remain beyond the reach of poor working women. To fund this vastly expanded social program, the entire P700 billion debt servicing budget must be reallocated.

(Note from SoCon or Bust:  The original article was posted here, but as you can see, the group deleted the page.  Please read the version saved by Google Cache here.)

This group is listed on page 177 of Development & Peace’s 2006-2011 Development program. It is also on their links page for Asia. It represents the 45th group caught in anti-life, anti-Catholic activity to date.

Over a year since the first allegation was made, the Canadian bishops have done nothing except set up bureaucratic machinery, make pathetic excuses, and trivialize the moral necessity to immediately stop funding these organizations.

In addition to permitting Canadian Catholic money to export abortion and attack the Catholic Church in the Global South, the Canadian bishops continue to scandalize the Faithful by their pathetic response.

Our Lord gave us a hint about what the end times would be like: “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8). I don’t know about Faith, Lord, but You will sure see lots of pro-life lip-service from the Canadian bishops. That I can guarantee you.

Still, let us not give up hope. Jesus is coming again. And woe to them whom Christ finds busy with their bureaucracies while the blood of the innocents flow!

In the mean time, we fight for the unborn, for the defenseless, for the Lord.  And we never, ever give up or despair. With God everything is possible – with or without the church politicians and bureaucrats.


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