13 thoughts on “Woah-oh! Voris is coming to Canada

  1. Will try to catch that online after the fact as I don’t own a TV. Voris was here in Windsor for the Annual Right to Life diner – only 300 came out but the organizers said that was good. It was a pleasure to attend. He will be in Kitchener at a Real Catholic Men’s dinner … I forget the date just now, March I think.

  2. That’s unfortunate he’s making his way this way…

    I would much rather someone like Fr. Barron come back around.

    Voris strikes me as a bit of a parody of Catholicism.

    But who knows—I certainly hope he does well…

  3. Why do you say that Kelly?

    My impression of him is that he is very knowledgeable and courageous — a breath of fresh air in our politically correct, and limp-wristed society. It is his straightforward clarity and boldness that I most appreciate. Personally I think we need more of him and his “style” in Canada and not less.

  4. Hi Andy,

    These are all good things you mentioned (being knowledgeable, courageous, being clear, being bold, and so on). We have a great message, and obviously we want to draw people into an encounter with Jesus.

    But, I don’t know that Voris possesses all those things you attribute to him. Certainly I don’t feel he possesses knowledge of Catholicism. If you contrast him with someone like Fr. Barron, with Fr. Barron you get someone who is knowledgeable, and who knows what and why he believes what he does, and he knows how to draw persons into this belief. Watch the two, preferrably, if you can find them on the same topic, and you’ll notice something different.

    Voris knows what he believes, but that’s about it. My hope would be that Voris would continue to learn about his faith, and as he does slowly have his message more shaped by what the Church teaches. I would encourage anyone who likes Voris to read Pope Benedict XVI. Read his interview length books.

  5. Cancer has to be surgically removed or it spreads through the whole body, and annihilates it. The paradigm shift from Christianity to Secular Paganism happened right under The Modern Church Father’s noses. When professors like Tom Landers and Walter Szetela and friends warned about it only a few were concerned and, we find our Western Civilization in a mess. Politically Correct Relativism is taught by decree and the Jackboots carry off sanctity of life students like Ruth Lobo. Kelly mentions a few people who might be perhaps good surgeons, but they are and have been too few to make a dent in this rotten mess. We cannot in good conscience let this go on.

  6. I ask all of our concerned friends to pray for professor Walter Szetela as it looks like he might be going home soon. This good Culture Warrior will be greatly missed, but as he says John Pacheco and friends, ” we know that we have friends in high places waiting to welcome us in our time.” Blessings and peace to men and women of good will.

  7. I just got a phone call from President of BC Parents and Teacher’s For Life, Ted Hewlett. Our friend Walter Szetela is gone to be with Jesus. I will see him after.

  8. Kelly,
    I’m not familiar with Fr. Barron, but will try to find out more based on your recommendation. Can you give some concrete examples that illustrate some of your claims about Michael Voris, i.e.

    “Certainly I don’t feel he possesses knowledge of Catholicism.”

    “My hope would be that Voris would continue to learn about his faith, and as he does slowly have his message more shaped by what the Church teaches.”

    What specific knowledge do you believe he lacks? Where do you believe his message diverges from what the Church teaches?

  9. Fr. Barron has a Youtube Channel which I think is called “WordonFire.”

    As for your question about Voris, the most recent example I can think of is a clip of his that was on the subject of Hell. I don’t know how old the clip is, but you can find it also on Youtube I think. You’ll see the problem…

  10. Hi Kelly,
    I checked out Voris’ most recent clip on the subject of hell that you mentioned. I don’t see any problem with his teaching on hell, I actually appreciated the clear language he used. As far as I can tell, it’s also in complete conformity with what the catechism spells out on the subject.

    I also looked up Fr. Barron and one of his talks on hell. It was also good, but I liked Voris better because he used language that was more consistent with language used in the catechism.

    They do have different styles, which I think is a good thing. We don’t necessarily want clones in terms of teaching approaches. Different individuals will respond better to one style rather than the other and vice versa.

    It appears you have a problem with Voris’ approach and/or teachings of the Faith. Are you able to articulate specifically where you see he is going wrong?

    I’m sorry, I’ve looked and can’t see anything that would pose a problem

  11. I should also note that although much of what Fr. Barron said was good, there was one comment that didn’t sit very well with me.

    He said something along the lines of, “if anyone’s in it (hell), by the way the Church is not obliging anyone to believe that a human being is in hell, we just don’t know, but if there is anyone in it……..”.

    I found this comment somewhat absurd and can’t quite figure out why he would have said that. Although we cannot state definitively that “so-and-so” is in hell, that’s a far cry from speculating that this could also mean that there might not be anyone there at all.

    You can watch this, if you’re interested, at the following web address:

    The comment occurred toward the end at the 6:36 mark.

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