Winnipeg O Winnipeg, Where Forth Art Thou?

That hell-sent Winnipeg Statement never seems to go away. It just keeps rearing its ugly head, time and time again, dragging with it, Catholics, the Clueless, and many Clerics down into the pit of Hell where it resides.  When are the bishops going to do the honourable thing and admit they Judasized us?

Whom does Mr. Coren, the self-styled “genuine Roman Catholic” deem to be a “practising Catholic“?

gif He gives some descriptive examples “divorced, gay, use contraceptives, live together, reject Catholic teaching” without once offering evidence for his claims. I would most certainly acknowledge that many, perhaps most married Catholics I know, take seriously the Canadian bishops pastoral teaching on Humanae Vitae – generally referred to as the Winnipeg Statement – and after prayerfully discerning their situation make an informed decision – what we not-so-genuine-Catholics refer to as conscience – on the use of artificial contraception.


2 thoughts on “Winnipeg O Winnipeg, Where Forth Art Thou?

  1. Perhaps it’s time for a formal petition rejecting the Winnipeg Declaration and challenging the bishops either to renounce the Declaration or excommunicate the signatories.

  2. I too believe, the bishops must renounce the Declaration, or else. Why don’t they have the courage ? I started a yearly May procession in this city. I pray openly at a Mary statue downtown. hanging a sign “Whether glad, sad or wary,pause a while, say a Hail Mary”. I propagate receiving H.Host on tongue,not in hand, etc.. I expect bishops to have the courage. Or do I keep them at arms-lenght ?

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