7 thoughts on “Will they show up at the March for Life?

  1. With all due respect, sir, you are wrong. You are either lying or fail to do the required research. I will assume that you are not lying but that you prefer to slant the facts.

    You are more then willing to do research when it helps to support your position but when it doesn’t you just throw out comments without facts.

  2. I’m not wrong. I have extensive experience dealing with Professional Catholics.

    If you want to stand on the facts, I encourage you to present them.

    It’s a well known FACT that the Ottawa School Board cares BUPKIS about the March for Life. All those kids are bussed in from out of town.

    If you dispute this, provide the evidence.

    • p.s. Philosophically, that was a very weak argument. To say “I am not wrong” and then point out that you have extensive experience in dealing with Professional Catholics is saying that because of your experience you are right.

      Sounds pretty relativistic to me.

  3. I stand by my point. Your title was taken from a Brian Lilley blog post about the Ottawa Catholic School Board participation at the March for Life. You stated that the School Board did not show up.

    They did. You are wrong. That is a fact.

    If fact it looks like they had a greater participation then many other Ontario School Boards and they funded the participation as well.

    Sir, you choose to condemn and falsely report the facts. Is this not what CBC is doing? You said no one showed up but fail to find simple evidence but your push your point.

    No doubt instead of admitting you are wrong, you will point out other problems with the Board instead of trying to find some light and supporting and encouraging it.

    • I haven’t falsely reported anything. The article says the Board sent 195 kids…not the 700 they did for “We” day.

      And you’re right, Michael. The Ottawa School Board has a long history of supporting heterodox causes and giving pro-life issues, which should be at the FRONT AND CENTER of their social justice teaching, the shaft. Instead, we see time and time again a profound betrayal of the unborn in favour of chique causes. It’s a disgrace. I know because I know teachers inside the Board who give me the straight goods.

      I commend the Board for finally waking up…but then again it raises some questions about the motivation. Why this year? Did the Administrators suddenly convert? I doubt it. They were likely “encouraged” to do so. By the way, where are all the head honchos of the School Board at the March?

      The fact that only 195 kids came out when we see thousands being bussed in from all over Ontario is no badge of honour. What kind of promotion was done for the March, Mike? The same as “me” day? I doubt it.

      Please, a token advance is nothing to raise your arms about in Euphoria. I appreciate the slight correction, but let’s not get carried away here.

      195 kids only tells me it was a token effort. You could easily have 10 times that number with a small promotional effort and evangelization in the Schools. I have first hand knowledge of how difficult it is to get into Catholic High Schools in Ottawa to spread the pro-life message. If you can get by the lesbian chaplain, you’ve made it past the first hurdle.

  4. How much was spent by the Board for We Day bussing for 700+ to see the pro-abort Kielburgers?

    What is the total bussing budget for field trips, etc per annum by the OCSB?

    $3000 seems incredibly high. I think only 2-3 schools sent groups bigger than 5 or 6 (eg. Notre Dame had 5 there)

    The fact is the OCSB Superintendents and all trustees (except 1) did NOT go the March. As well, the Supers and OCSB tweeted and tweet-pic’ed non-stop on We Day. 1 lame tweet on March for Life Day

  5. Taxpayers pay for 100,000 abortions a year. These are elective surgeries that need not be covered by OHIP. OHIP does not pay for any other elective surgeries. If it is a “choice”, then clearly it is an “elective” surgery.

    And people are worried about $3000 where children can learn about civics, how govt works, biology (abortion DOES stop a beating heart)??

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