Will the CCCB Ban Pro-Life Media Again?

Last year, Socon or Bust readers will recall how the CCCB beclowned themselves by banning LifeSite News from their Plenary Assembly.

“We regret to inform you that your request has been denied and you will not be granted access to this year’s meeting,” wrote Laprise.

“The leadership of our Conference has expressed serious concerns over the manner in which positions have been taken by your organization,” he continued.  “Our Executive Officers in turn have indicated that the CCCB Media Relations Officer should exercise caution in dealing with your organization.”

Serious concerns over what?  They didn’t say, but exposing the moral rot of the social justice program among the Church’s hierarchy had to be tops on the list.  What positions did LifeSite News take that were so objectionable to the CCCB that they just had to ban them?  I’ll tell you exactly why LifeSite News got banned:  they exposed the Bishops for their gross negligence in handling Development & Peace — not merely managerial incompetence (which is excusable), but for their deficient pastoral approaches that undermined the natural law and Catholic morals.  That’s exactly why LifeSite News got banned.  They got banned for being an unofficial messenger delivering an inconvenient truth.

You know the inconvenient truths that LSN has been uncovering, don’t you?  Those are the truths that are hauling some major ass in the social justice industry and, as a result, those inconvenient truths are getting their opponents to reform at varying degrees of speed.  Meanwhile, the pretty men who staff these Episcopal Conferences – those “movers and shakers” – are still in half-denial or, at best, putting the crisis in the “Perpetual Committee-With-No-Real-Reform” hell.

In essence, Catholic laity called the bishops to confession and repentance on the whole social justice fraud and the bishops didn’t like the whole “repentance” shtick much, so they waved their lavender flags and banned a faithful Catholic for showing up to report on their deliberations.  That’s it in a nutshell and no one who has been following this stringed-out saga with Development & Peace could hardly deny it.  (By the way, this abortion scandal continues to this day as Development & Peace still has not released the names of their new partners to the public.  Apparently, we peasants are not entitled to information from a publicly funded charity.)

We’re all just wondering just what’s next on the “Strategic Move” map for the CCCB?  Excommunication, perhaps?  Ooops. They already tried that one with some of us.  Didn’t go over too well.  I can see the intro lines from the lead story from Salt + Light TV now:

Bishops Excommunicate LifeSite News Staffer while in other news, Bishops prepare for a Eucharistic Celebration for Dalton McGuinty’s ten years of faithful service as Catholic Premier of Ontario.  Fr. Tom says that the [Gay-Clubber and Pro-Abort] Premier will attend, receive Communion in thanksgiving.  Full details on the 11PM newscast.”

It’s quite laughable (and sad), really, that the bishops think that they are really helping revive their reputations by banning pro-life media from covering the Assembly.  I guess this is their way of really getting close to pro-lifers in Canada.  It’s not like there is room for improvement in their pro-life witness and communication, is there?  They and their media-handlers have got it all figured out.  They can fix their transparency problem by simply banning inconvenient media!  What a coup!  This strategy is sure to make it into the journalism course at Carleton University next semester as an effective way of dealing with the media and reviving one’s PR image!

So here we are one year later and the CCCB’s plenary assembly is scheduled to take place in Quebec between September 24-28.  (You’ll notice the links to “media accreditation” at the bottom of the webpage.)

As in previous years, the Plenary Assembly will also receive about 20 invited observers and guests from a number of national Catholic organizations and other Churches, together with accredited representatives from the media. Invited observers and accredited media will be present on 24 September and until noon on 25 September. This year again, the annual report by the CCCB President and the daily liturgical celebrations will be broadcast live online and on television, thanks to the collaboration of the Catholic television channel Salt and Light TV. In addition this year there will be a daily press briefing, also broadcast on Salt + Light TV. The broadcast schedule for the Plenary will be posted on the CCCB website during the coming weeks.

Oh yes, I don’t doubt the whole Ecumenical Gang will be invited to the shebang.  If you have been paying attention in  — oh say — the last 40 years (and in particular the last few), you’ll notice that a goodly number of the CCCB’s “partners” and invited speakers hold positions which are diametrically opposed to the Catholic Church on the most central questions of our day including abortion and same-sex “marriage”.  These days, our disagreements with our Ecumenical partners have gone way beyond mere theological trifles. This isn’t just about denying the divinity of Jesus anymore.  That’s so Sixties.

And while it’s all groovy to be a swell Ecumenical Partner with “Christian” organizations whose leaders and/or denominations support abortion, same-sex “marriage”, contraception, euthanasia, etc. etc. etc., faithful Catholics who would dare to report the truth about the scandalous dealings of the bishops are persona non grata at these Assemblies.  LifeSite News, I can almost assure you, will not be one of the “20 invited guests and observers”.  Do you think the 41st Moderator of one of their Partners will be invited?  I think it’s a pretty good chance.  Maybe they’ll all stand for a moment of silence for Jack Layton, too.  You know — to remember his contributions to the religion of Social Justice.

That’s today’s Ecumenism for ya’, folks.  The CCCB throws faithful Catholics under the bus because they’re too busy driving the bus to the Promised Ecumenical Wasteland.  They have no time to think about being morally coherent, or demonstrating a modicum of common sense on how they treat their own people for telling them the Truth.  It’s part of the self-loathing that’s going around in the West these days, but with a religious twist to it — where Catholic bishops just can’t stomach their own laity who call them to be Catholic leaders. They’re too busy licking the invitation envelopes to send to the representatives of the Culture of Death so that they may be “observed” in their episcopal deliberations.

Friends, here’s a little secret for you:  if you ever want to get invited to the CCCB’s meetings and be included among those 20 special VIPs, start your own religion and espouse the most heinous crimes against the human person.  You’ll get a prime seat at the table.


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