Will Obama Destroy Franciscan University of Steubenville?

He’s going to try.

For me, I’m just going over a pertinent question in my head.

Just how are we supposed to fight when we have cowards as bishops?

There’s no real leadership. Just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. 

But there’s plenty of “velvet glove” being applied when pastoral approaches are invoked to pull priests who criticize homosexuality or restrict priests who actually try and move the culture to being pro-life

FOR THAT, they suddenly grow a pair, but rarely for anything else. They are a stumbling block to the Gospel and the greatest impediment to the new evangelization .

2 thoughts on “Will Obama Destroy Franciscan University of Steubenville?

  1. Dear Brother:
    Of course the Obama crowd will try to destroy anything Christian. That is the nature of the material world. St. Paul called it spiritual warfare.
    The language you employ in this article communicates anger and frustration. When you direct this at your bishops, I cannot comment, because I am not a Catholic. However, I assure you that the same problem exists among Protestants. Some churches are so afraid that they will lose their tax-exempt status, that they absolutely will not emphasize the will of the Lord when it MAY, MERELY MAY jeopardize that status. But I would hope that you make the difficult effort to gain better control of your language. Having spent nine years in the Navy, there’s no way your language could offend me. But it will put off some devout Catholics, and of course it will convince no one who disagrees with you.
    As a Protestant (who regards himself as a generic Christian), I have voted with my feet when I have been in a church that kow-towed to the World. A good Catholic friend quit going to masses at his home parish, and attended at another parish. Is this a possibility for you? It is my opinion that priests and pastors will react when their flock starts moving away. Some, unfortunately, react as did Moses’ Pharaoh they stiffen their necks. But their superiors don’t like the reduced congregations or the reduced income, so they apply some pressure.
    GOD’s work surely does not depend upon the favor of the world (which Christ has already overcome). So, blessings upon you. Keep up the battle. You are on the side of the victor.

  2. Theo,

    Thanks for your comments, and I appreciate your concern for my reaction. Yes I am frustrated and yes I am angry. But frankly, we need more expression of these emotions and not less. Not many people are telling them that THEIR LEADERSHIP and THEIR LACK OF WITNESS is the problem. They certainly aren’t telling each other this necessary truth. You know, “collegiality” and all of that jazz.

    We are dealing with the most corrupt and cowardly episcopacy in history that has allowed the Faith to almost vanish.

    That requires the rocks to cry out. And that’s what I’m doing.

    Whispering sweet nothings into their ears has not worked, but screaming “bloody murder” has yielded some (albeit very modest) results already in the “social justice” scam which we’ve endured these past years.

    Humiliation and the loss of human respect is what these men understand. And, frankly, they need a large Billboard in front of their faces 24 hours a day to remind them that their credibility as teachers and leaders is hanging by a thread.

    It’s no wonder that Our Blessed Lord upraided the religious leaders of His day. 2000 years later, little has changed.

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