Why Those Who Publicly Attack Bishops Are Wrong

This is not about style or mere form. It is about doctrine. The sacred ministers, especially bishops, are conformed to Christ the Head, and do represent the Church. Indeed, they represent Christ Himself, regardless of their personal worthiness of that dignity.

Socon or Bust is first a servant of the Church, before it is a servant of its own purpose.   Time to rethink how I approach things, I think.  But it’s so damn hard sometimes when we just keep running into brick walls, and there is absolutely no admission or concession from our Shepherds who provoke some of us bloggers to wrath.  Methinks they will have an accounting to render, as well.  And I really don’t think they take it as seriously as they should.

The substance of what we do will not change.  The delivery will change somewhat, in some respects.

3 thoughts on “Why Those Who Publicly Attack Bishops Are Wrong

  1. I looked and read all , until I found what source this posting was from, and to which I had suspected. – This Father is from the “New Theological …:Key word being “New”.

    Yawn, Yawn, More attempts to alter Vatican 1, yet as is always the sneaky modernistic way, and one gets quite use to identifying it early on, (it always attempts to castigate anyone who dares to,”criticize the Bishops and Pope ,and or Priests whomever in the Church, who know somethingis very fishy and even smelly and even, very WRONG, in Denmark,

    but , as is the way of the “New” order’s delivery if is is not downright heretical and confusing and away from Church teaching in general on the Deposit of Faith, and Matters of Faith Morals Is always followed with their cleverly mixed in
    quotes form some Saint pre-vatican 11 that has Vatican 11 theology written all over it.

    I could and will post proof of the fact, that of course we ARE in fact, “allowed” and, even toldeven told to criticize certain things said and even so called pastoral teachings, and attitudes coming form these men, if they are not in keeping with what Our Blessed Holy Trinity has passed down. As for the quote that everything that the Pope says is infallible may I tell said poster , some Popes have said themselves they are not infallible, under certain conditions.
    (read what John XX111 said about his not being infallible nor what he said if it was not said under certain conditions, as well as other Popes.
    But no… if you only read from your own little closed circle of so called “new theology” As I said the addition of a little traditional doctrine or teachings is always thrown in by said “new theologians” and those sheep who blindly follow them,( many, who unfortunately have never had any beautiful teaching of Truth based on Tradition or even been to a Latin Mass.) Its purpose is the same tactics always employed by “Modern slanted people in the past, which isto confuse and/or subvert the real message and intent of such rationalizing and attempting to justify that which cannot be justified. These people who are trying to keep a lid on a pot of putrid stew that has been the dark crisis brewing in the Catholic Church as it has been altered and done so in a spirit of hatred for Her Beauty and Reverential Sacred Doctrine and Traditions to make it in to some caricature for narcissistic betrayers of Christ. They are His enemies. This has been happening for some time and only getting worse, because of denial and as I said attempts to divert, simply cannot stand a child yelling out “Daddy this is not what YOU SAY AND SAID!!!
    or DO, nor MOMMY( meaning Our Blessed Virgin MOther and Queen Mary). So….Daddy please explain, why these big men dressed down, yet who seem to be men of high rank deliver the Beautiful Body and Blood of Jesus YOur Only Son! and in HIs True Presence, in people’ hands (like a potato chip, Daddy, and they do not even kneel, Daddy , are we not supposed to kneel before a King?Daddy? These people do not , and they dress in clothes that show off their body parts Daddy, is that not worng Daddy? What about what you said about adultery, and lust and those who make of themslelves vessels of impurity causing others to sin, Daddy? They don’t seem to care that they are in Your HOMe Daddy where You Invited them . They think and act like its all about them Daddy!!! Why are they always looking around, Daddy and running to the bathroom all throguh YOur Son’s Sacrifice Daddy or even eating and drinking at Mass Daddy? Did You not say somethjing about us not doing that,Daddy? They whisper sneaking glances, laugh and talk and run around at the Sacrifice and those “presiding” joke about hockey scores and teams, and then everybody claps claps, claps, and they have all kinds of “Spirit seminars Daddy? You Yourslef said that is not form Your Catholic Church and drives from Occult, Daddy why Daddy is it being allowed/ Why Daddy are these men allowing Development and Peace money donated from the “gentle unssupecting”
    Faithful” in the Pews, to even be collected until they are completely transparent, to make sure the feminist groups are not using it for abortion and contraception purposes and to further their malevolent agenda? Why Daddy in these “Modern” New “so called Masses” at some Parishes these Bishops and so-called Shepherds not stop the over and above diabolical abuses (like at St. Joseph’s in Sandy Hill) or speak to thoise who insist on being noisy and come in sick and spreading fever,, flus infections and diseases…(cause its been pushed on them that this Church of “me” is all about “them and said people in Authority are making it all about themselves by not doing anything for Your Son in Who during said time is to be prayed to and loved in Silent Adoration, and maybe if they themselves did long enough they would hear Jesus say Peter do You Love me…then FEED MY SHEEP!!! not what you want but what I have told and am telling to you to do in obedience to tradition or our Blessed Lady’s weeping. Daddy , do they even care He sweated Blood? “Cause according to the “New” “theology” or “evangelization”, or “Springtime” (all different words for the same modernistic diversionary tactics , they seem to only care about their own wicked agenda Did they forget that You siad I Am, and.Who was the Same Yesterday, Today and Forever and need no “new’ interpretation.?
    Daddy, it seems these “new” men of many confusing contradictory words will never give up these “new theologians” from attempting to silence the laity and faithful, and the children who know something is very, very very not right
    from what You Daddy have said so long ago and to which we are told never is to be changed or altered.
    While behind closed doors they hold up glasses of full of alcohol and make a toast after they passed the Winnipeg statement and say “Shall we drink to it?” or something similar. No they want to silence the Truth. They want to call the “tender hearted” masses in the pews the ones they refuse to teach to about contraception, abortion, the four final things etc.
    to just be cute and smiley and put in their weekly donations or whatever and never ask real questions or worse yet confront those in the the higher places ,about their not continuing to teach ,what was their moral and grave responsibility and handed down to them as the Shepherds according to the Authority of the Magisterium, lo lead and to guide in” unaltered” Matters of Faith and Morals- handed down by None Other than Jesus and His First Apostles and to which they have NOT done.
    These theologians of new need toread Pius X’s “Oath on Modernism” and while they are at it to take a good whiff of the perfume of humility themselves. Often they also sound smugsounds smug as a rug but then so do so many of these “new” theologians who puff themselves up and try to cover their justification and rationalization of their own errors and downright pride with many words.
    It is laughable that they call anyone “reactionary’, or angry or in darkness or whatever other term they use to try to answer back in their pride and refusal to look at the reality, and the masses of people that are understandably confused and angry at the betrayal of the Authorities they trusted in a childlike manner and who have raped them, and lied and deceived so many, by their own disobedience, and those who listen to God and Mary, (and yes, in fact Jesus does say,” DO NOT follow those in Authority ‘s teachings who do not do what I say to them to do…but put your turst in Me and yest stay close to the Sacraments and Pray pray pray for all but do not ever be silent in the face of evil and heresy or wicked attempts to deceive. Many have been seriously wounded and have had enough of the lies and outright hypocrisy
    and downright silence while the Church is being destroyed under their watch and their blatant leading people to err themselves (unless they own their own finally heed God’s leading them away from such wolves in Sheeps clothing, and to those Who are in Authority or maybe some Saints in the making who at least adhere give good example of humility and honesty and transparency, and try to the very best of their true hearts The Way Of Christ in His One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church)), and to come to HIm Who Is All.
    God never intended nor does He say follow in false obedience to those who are not leading according to Him.

    Here we go again….
    No many are too busy arranging for more jokes to be told, more pilgrimages to be made to places like
    Medjugorje where theireare satanic spirits and
    organized crime even involved with the laundering of money and and apparitions of a
    diabolical “mary” who purports to tell people that Hell becomes comfortable, and some of these men in Authority say by their example “Lets all defile the Body and Blood and Holy Sacred True Presence of Jesus and receive Holy Communion in plastic cups while we are at it at the beach ball frenzy “celebration” called world youth day (funny their are not a lot of youth around after the “party” charismatic “spirit” wears off . But ‘ey there are the photos of the Magic circle crowd with the youth in tight short, shorts (so much for purity and chaste like mentality), cavorting and dancing around with the other spirited youth, and so on and so on.

    No…SPARE ME Mr. New Theological…go learn some of the real Saints besides the one always quoted by you modernists…St. Ignatius. There are many who say the opposite.

    People get angry with the crap passing off as “Catholic” it is modernistic ca-ca under the name of new theloogy, new renewal etc. It is nothing but the old modernism dressed up differently trying to distract the Faithful with your lies telling them the Church is always “evolving’ or some other occult, satanic crap.

    Listen The Church IS already!!! She WAS a LONG TIME ago!!! , and the devil has been trying to destroy Her Traditions and Sound Doctrinal teaching, for quite some time and although it began before the Vatican 11 Council , it all was emphasized during the Vatican 11 fiasco. the “Nu-Church” cannot stand that all the lies and compromises that were made when the freemasons and Yes, even Popes, Cardinals, Bishops and the like went along with them and I reject it wholeheartedly BECAUSE it has nothing to do with what Jesus says. I know when Jesus is still presnet and will receive Him but do not attempt to lie anymore to the faithful and assume we just may know more than you assume we do in your condescension.

    People with the modernist slant, pretend to be so calm, and “luving and charitable” and never angry, the opposite is way too often true, They.hide behind fake
    smiles and mingle with those lukewarm AND OF LIKE SPIRITS while plotting and judging away behind closed doors even tot he point of beginning firestorms and/or witch hunts in order to enable them to ride the Church of those WHO see the Truth and are calling them on it, so there is real transparency true contrition on the parts of those in Authority, and real apology, firm purpose of amendment, restitution, and finally true repentance and a genuine spirit of humility.
    and criticize and destroy with your own venomous ways those who dare to speak Truth into the HERESY that is so much of what you speak.

    On the forked tongue on what was said about “those reactionaries” regarding Michael Voris while you sought to slew him too, with the stuff coming out of a very obvious poison laden pen.
    Truth is Michael and the so called reactionaries
    are right on about EVERYTHING almost and guess what as much as you like another enemy of the Church whose ways are known to all, are trying to turn said reactionaries against one another, you might note there is more agreement in Truth than disagreement. At least it is transparent which is more than one can say about the attmepts of those in high places to cover up and deny all the horrific abuses and
    attempts destroy Holy MOther Catholic Church as we know Her.

    If people are angry because of the turning up side down or trying to turn God’s House into a house of mockery and where people in High places and those in the pews follow end up idolizing, power, money and evil sins of the body.(the sins of the homosexaul mafia), freemasons, feminist ideology, pure out- and out- hatred of Christ, that is rampant in the “New” “Springtime” that is NOT, but more like a very very cold dark winter.
    But as was said;
    Woe to those who call darkness light and light darkness. Look at the Truth! and then look in the mirror besides a Crucifix, of Our Beloved Saviour Who died on the Cross. Please!! and try doing it on your “tender” knees.
    This whole nonsense about not telling the Faithful the Truth because they are too “tender” or not able to hear it all at once is also crap.
    People were made to hear Truth in an unabridged Way. Jesus Way. Full and exactly as Jesus said it not some “modern”,,,sorry,,,”new” theological
    version of it.
    Why …they even changed the Catechism after Vatican 11 so that the “New” theologians could try to screw people up with LOOOOOOOOOng nonsensical nonsense, yet cleverly employed so as to confuse and leave way too much room for doubt of the devil and turn God’s Sacred One and Only Truth back into a “subjective” interpretation, of it being all about the natural order of man, instead of Christ”s Order Which Is … Always As Been… and Always Will Be All About HIM.

    Lord Have Mercy

    Our Father…
    Hail Mary…
    Glory Be…
    Thank You Blessed, Beautiful Holy and Sacred
    Father God, Son Jesus Christ, and Holy Ghost
    and Thank You Beautiful Blessed Virgin ,Mother,
    and Queen Mary and Glorious, Sublime Good St. Joseph, St. Michael the Archangel, and All the Angels and Saints, and, especially our Guardian Angels
    I love and adore only You Blessed Holy Trinity

  2. Surely you do not believe that belief in apostolic succession requires that we turn our brians off and close our mouths when the successors of the apostles do things that harm the Church? That would not be reasonable, it would not be honest, and it would be a form of complicity in the demolition of whatever is left of the Church today. But I’m sure you are not contemplating that.

  3. No. But I have to admit that I have been over-the-top on occasion and have to be cognizant of that. The article makes many good points that all of us have to be weary about.

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