Why the Pope resigned

I think the lens is starting to focus here on why Benedict made the move he did.  He’s seeing that the level of filth in the Church is so huge that there is no way he could possibly tackle it at his age and with his deteriorating health.  And he also knows that this problem needs to be sorted out RIGHT NOW, not in the next 5-7 years as his health deteriorates and the homochurch gets a stronger footing with a possible incapacitated Pope.  So, he’s made one helluva call and resigned, so the next guy has a shot at clearing out the stalls. He’s even provided the Cardinals a nice little dossier on what their focus should be.   Just in case they get it into their heads that “global warming” or “immigration reform” is the pressing issue facing the church.

This whole “humility” shtick that the Catholic media keeps pumping is certainly true, but Benedict is not resigning for humility’s sake per se, or for even a standard “my health is declining and I can’t really give the necessary effort and attention to the job” in general.


This is far, far more specific to a particular problem in the Church which is suffocating Her.  He’s resigning as a tactical move to give the Church under a new and strong Pope the time and capacity to fight back with a blueprint in hand of what needs to be done.

Josef Ratzinger might be kind and gentle, but he’s no fool.  We need to support him in the decision.

Pay attention, everyone:  It could very well be a decision which will save the Church and civilization from complete collapse.

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