Why the MSM Has to Go

Here we go again. Remember this story a couple of years ago? Well, they were at it again with the March for Life. Click here to read the LifeSiteNews account of the shameful press coverage we have in this country.

The great thing about the little guys is that they don’t have to worry about being overbloated and too confident in their positions like the MSM is in this country. Sooner or later, whether they realize it or not, the MSM’s editors and news reporters are going to be the object of scorn and derision future generations will heap on what our illuminated ones like to call “journalism”.

Pictured above at the March for Marriage Rally in April, 2005: plenty of reporters and equipment, little (and distorted) coverage.

The picture was taken at the March for Marriage. I was at the March for Life this year and I can say, without prejudice, that the 7,000 number reported by LifeSiteNews is a far more accurate number than the ridiculous figures thrown around by the press.

This year’s numbers were about half of the number that showed up for the March for Marriage which was correctly reported between 15,000 (low) and 20,000 (high).

Next year, the Campaign Life crew should rent some mechanical counter equipment to put an end to this media distortion once and for all.

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