One thought on “Why Pay a Shrink When the Catholic Church Does it for Free?

  1. The Canadian Olympic Committee announced plans to foster LGBTQ inclusivity in national sport. The #OneTeam Athlete Ambassador program will hit “schools” to speak about mental fitness and equality, supported by a first-ever school resource on LGBTQ issues. Homosexuals etc.,who are less than 2% of the population and Secular so-called “neutral” Homosexualist School Teachers,Professionals,are normalizing homosexuality and transgenderism to all schoolchildren, Canadian and Western Society,by decree. When children to adults are indoctrinated in Homosexuality and Transgenderism etc.,by so-called “neutral”homosexualist Secular School Teachers,Professors,Professionals,Bishops and homosexual activists from Kindergarten to University; then Western Civilization has devolved back to the tenets of Pagan Greece,and Pagan Rome.

    In former Western Christian Societies school teachers led their students in The Lord’s Prayer,and The Ten Commandments were on Government Building,Court and Education Establishment Walls,and in societies hearts and minds.Then starting in 1962 Western so-called Christian Society Politically,and Legally accepted so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism, as The New State Sanctioned Religion/Worldview!About the year 307 Roman Emperor Constantine Converted to Christianity from Paganism,because of the righteous Catholic Royal Priesthood Holy Nation;albeit it was underground until Emperor Constantine’s conversion. Before The Emperors conversion Christians were murdered and persecuted by the Pagan Government,Law and Education for sport,by decree.Heterosexuals reproduce,but homosexuals recruit even children in the guise to stop bullying,and discrimination to increase their numbers,in Pagan Greece,Pagan Rome,Pagan Democratic Canada and Western Civilization.Bullying and discrimination is wrong,but the indoctrination of a society from Kindergarten to University Graduation is Diabolical.Have you tried debating the Secular Homosexualists indoctrinated from Kindergarten? The majority want to do with real Christians as they did to Saint Stephen.This includes Secular Pagan so-called Catholics and Protestant Cultists.
    Why pay a secular shrink? Are masqueraders any better? If you are fortunate to get one or more of The Real Royal Catholic Priesthood it can be beneficial. How many people in our Secular Pagan Society can escape the so-called “neutral” Secular Pagan brainwashing in Canadian, and Western Democratic Civilizations schools,by decree?

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